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    Agreed. Added a separate post above.
  2. Just got 11 and think it's great. Made multiple back-ups, including of my system HDD. That's awesome! After 11.0.1 failing to update, it did work eventually and I now have 11.0.1. 11.0.1 is a different matter. First it crashed repeatedly when I was writing a back-up of my laptop's HDD via FireWire 800 to a disc image. I fixed this by deselecting the destination HDD as also being the Toast scratch disc. Now it gets past the first few seconds without crashing, only to start writing the disc image, never to close the image off. I tried endlessly to cancel the write to mo avail. In the end I had to forcequit Toast hoping the majority of files where written. How damned disappointing after such a brilliant update initially.
  3. Heya mate, You bothered to read my reply, and attempt to address it; why would I get mad at you (the other guy is paid to respond, and yet three times he didn't bother to read the words on the page)? Actually, I way prefer Toast disc-images for back-ups, because it's a neat container, that's deleted easily subsequently, which reduces the burden on the native Mac file directory / DB. By creating a disc image, many thousands of files can be stored on the HD, and Mac OS X sees only three. Disc-images also preserve file structures / preferences natively; they are an 'image', after all. All the files are stored away conveniently until I mount the image. Toast also provides a place to temporarily view all of the files initially, so you can remove easily any large ones you weren't wanting to back-up. My problem is, as mentioned, when Toast can spend hours copying hundreds of GBs just as I intended, only to fail right at the end because it screeches to a halt when it comes across a locked file. Also as mentioned, it then doesn't tell you where that file is. It just mentions it by name. It could be anywhere. Thus I want the Toast engineers to consider the alternative I suggested. Thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote, especially when you are not even being paid to do so. I just hope the engineers get to see it (because they won't be if rgan is the one handling it).
  4. I have been trying to ask Roxio engineers to consider a fix for a bug that Toast has always displayed in the way it mishandles locked files. Thrice now I have had ridiculous non-responses from a support person called 'rgan'. Is this sort of response typical (pasted)? ---------------------------------- WebTicket #676522 2/12/2009 rgan, you really are an epic failure of a support person. Please, don't bother answering my requests again. Please, go find a job you are good at. At this point, I am wondering if you are just annoyed that you didn't read my last request, and I let you know what I thought about that. I think this, because seriously, it's the only way you could suggest a product I am not even using doesn't do something I wasn't trying to do. Or is it? rgan 2/12/2009 Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support GetBackupRE cannot backup system files such as plist files and .db files. If you click the plus(+) sign then navigate to a folder that contains one or more of these files, you will see they are not listed, therefore they are not a supported file for backups. GetBackupRE is designed to backup data files, not systems. If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive. Regards, Roxio Technical Support http://www.roxio.com/enu/support WebTicket 2/11/2009 I use Toast to make back-up disk images of internal HDs, stored on external HDs, for off-site security. These can be many hundreds of GBs in size, requiring large amounts of time to complete. Frequently, there are Apple system files, such as loginwindow.plist or com.apple.dock.db / .plist that cause Toast disk images to fail. Typically this comes after you have already wasted 20 minutes futzing aaround trying to set-up the files to copy, then asking Toast to start making the disk image. Firstly, Toast shouldn't cause the whole operation to fail because it couldn't do something with a file. It would be better to give the option to continue, and even an option to continue automatically and report problems at the end. Secondly, it should bloody well tell you where the file is, so you can remove the damned thing. A cryptical message stating: "Mysterious file 'cache.db' couldn't be copied, so I have just wasted 2 hours of your life with those previous 891GB I copied. Oh and good luck finding it so you can start all over again" really gets irritating after the first 3 times. ---------------------------------- Earlier, in a post that rgan mustn't have liked as it's been removed, he was asking - via what was clearly an autonomic, canned-response reflex - if I was using Windows or Mac (with Toast and the above explanation ) - and asked me to explain exactly what was happening together with any error messages (despite the above) . Then, after I repasted the above, he tries to blow me off by telling me to reinstall Toast and 'see if it does it again'. So firstly, is this typical of Roxio support? Secondly, how do I let the engineers know that it'd be cool if Toast handled locked files better. Given that I seem to get this same moron every time I submit through the support page, I am not sure I want to waste my time.