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    Server Communications Problems

    Did you ever get a resolution to this? I am a returning customer to Comcast and am having the SAME problem with PhotoShow Duluxe 4.0. I have trouble tickets in with Roxio and Comcast... I worked with Comcast and they had a technician create a PhotoShow Circle using PhotoShow Deluxe 4.0 (Vista) and were successful uploading photoshows. So it isn't the software - at least not the 4.0 with the Vista patch.
  2. I am an extremely frustrated user of PhotoShow 4.0 bundled from Comcast. I've spent many hours on the CHAT lines with Comcast and Simple Star. Roxio does not answer their trouble tickets, in my experience, so I can only surmise that they are unable to address the programs problems. My issues: 1. I can create a Photo Circle website (via Comcast), but not using my primary email account - only the secondaries. I can, using a secondary account, create any gallery I desire. 2. I CANNOT upload photoshows to PhotoShow Circle under any account. The software connects, I select the PhotoShow, the pictures are generated and then I get a: You've encountered an error. We're sorry you are having server communication issues. We suggest that you restart the applicaton and try again. For trouble shooting information, please check PhotoShow support: http://support.simplestar.com I've reinstalled several times, cleaned cache until my fingers bled and pleaded with Comcast and Simple Star to help. I've revisited my firewall settings several times and have insured that PhotoShow has the run of my machine. Would appreciate any advice/suggestions. Frustrated Comcast/PhotoShow Deluxe 4.0 wannabe user