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    Can't get Sonic Cineplayer working

    Nothing, media player runs as normal but dvd's won't play. Any help appreciated. Regards williat1
  2. williat1

    Can't get Sonic Cineplayer working

    No. I thought I'd have a Roxio screen with various options, but I don't get anything at all. Does this program run silently in the background? Should I have launched Windows Media Player? Regards Williat1
  3. williat1

    Can't get Sonic Cineplayer working

    I thought I'd purchased it direct from Roxio, however the invoice heading is Sonic Solutions. I purchased a windows Vista version which is entitled ESD-Cineplayer DVD_D vista v 1.0. I'm going to try your advice this evening....I'll let you know what happens. Regards Williat1
  4. williat1

    Can't get Sonic Cineplayer working

    I bought the software from Roxio off their internet site a few days ago. I tried loading it up with nothing else running and after defrag etc......still no use . I'm running Vista home on my laptop. Any help appreciated. I'm a bit surprised that the software I purchased is a Free version. I paid for mine.
  5. I've spent 5 hours trying to get this program to start up. I've downloaded it several times onto my desktop and double clicked to start but get a message saying it's not loaded correctly and to remove/repair it using control panel option........however it doesn't appear ianywhere in the listing. Anyone any ideas. I've only bought the program today. On someone else's help posting, the official reply was that the unlock code was incorrectly entered and it should have 18 digits......mine only has 17....any ideas. williat1