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  1. By creating a new account, you ensure that all permissions remain as default. Be sure to give the new account admin privelages. Also, you're looking in the wrong place for the roxio folder. You have to read ivanatrox's post backwards. Heres a hint: Also, when looking through program files, you gotta look for Roxio, not Shared Folders hsitech here: Thank you all for the input and suggestions. Tech support finally responded to my pleas for help and- well, fell short of any useful solution, but their attempts are appreciated also. Just about the time I un-installed EMC 8 for the second time and Roxi-Zapped the C drive I took a long look at the other programs having anything to do with video. I have to say no where in any of the postings I've read was there ever any mention of a (EMC 8) conflict with DVD43, DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink. Are these dirty words in Roxio-land? After flushing these little helpers out of the computer I re-installed EMC 8 and all is well. Now I can get on with the learning process for VideoWave. (And find out if I'm an idiot for ever getting rid of NERO and all those DVD copy programs).
  2. There is only one user of this computer, I'd prefer to leave it that way, but I'm curious what your you are trying to say. Am not finding 'Shared Folders' in Program files. There is 'Common Files', but all that has is an un-installer .exe for Nero. Which was removed prior to installing EMC8.
  3. Am still unable to open VideoWave in EMC8 since installation in June. Suggestions were to attempt a 'Repair' from the add/remove programs. No change. Another suggestion was update the videocard drivers. I took that one step further and bought a new ATI Radeon 9550(128MB), flushed out the driver(s) that were installed with it and downloaded new MS dot NET framework then the freshest driver available for my display adapter. No change Roxanne is useless and I've waited 21 days for a response from Tech Support for an opened ticket. Everything else seems to work fine in EMC8, but I bought it primarily for the claimed EASY video app and it is the only thing that won't work. Any ideas out there?
  4. hsitech

    Rebate Checks

    I have been patiently waiting for my $40 rebate also. At least they sent me an acknowlegment back in June, but it's been 10 weeks now. The human (outsourced) I finally spoke with said to wait another 30 days! Also have nothing but problems with EMC8 (VideoWave) and the pathetic support. Going back to Nero.
  5. hsitech

    Video Wave

    While I attempt this 'repair' thingie I will just say it seems like I opened Video Wave one time after the initial installation of EMC8, but who knows? Afterwards I have been unsuccessful in all attemps to even open the Application. sknis Thanks for your input. I believe I did all those things prior to the installation. I remember cleaning out the cookies, and scanning discs and defragging to make a nice clean place for EMC8 to live, and even shutting down Symantec NAV and putting my modem on stand-by because I had read all (some) of the horror stories of installs gone bad. Do you think 57.5GB of free space on C drive should be sufficient? It was never a problem for NERO. I have to say I never had ANY of these problems or special treatments when installing NERO and Pinnacle software and they all worked very nicely. Yes, I uninstalled them prior to this installation. I hope EMC8 eventually lives up to it's claims. I'm already kinda lamenting having to give up NERO for this. hsitech
  6. hsitech

    Video Wave

    Repair? Could you elaborate? As I said I only recently installed this software, why do I need to 'repair' it? And HOW do I repair it?
  7. hsitech

    Video Wave

    After installing was able to open Video Wave, but now that I actually want to use it am getting ERROR: Unable to set up video objects. Cineplayer seems to work ok, as do other apps. Any help on this would be appreciated. hsitech Dell Dimm 4500 P4 1.80 GHz Intel 512 MB RAM DX 9 Radeon 9550 ATI AGP 128MB display