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  1. SomeRandom

    Blue Rey plugin

    No - new version of Toast requires new version of plug-in
  2. SomeRandom

    HD Home Movies with Toast

    Toast can burn HD content to DVDs if you also have the High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in installed (included with the Pro version, or sold separately for ~$20). What is the file type and quality of the content you are uploading to your Apple TV?
  3. SomeRandom

    record video game?

    The hardware accepts RCA and S-video inputs.
  4. SomeRandom

    Convert Mpeg1 Files To Mpeg4

    Since you have audio in the playback on QT and VLC, it would seem that Toast includes the audio properly. The problem could be within iMovie, and I could only refer you to their help documentation. Help topic, "iMovie is missing audio on import, export, or playback":
  5. SomeRandom

    Dvd To Mac..?

    Try the following and let me know if it works for you: Select the 4th tab (Copy) Select Disc Copy (1st project in the list) Insert the non-protected disc you want to copy Click on the Save As Disc Image button in the lower right Enter a file name and location of your choosing Click Save Once that has finished, select Image File (2nd project in the list) Click the Select button Choose the image file you created in Step 6 Click the Burn button When the prompt appears, edit the Number of Copies to the desired number of copies you want to burn Click the Record button
  6. SomeRandom

    Convert Mpeg1 Files To Mpeg4

    What are you using to convert from mpeg1 to mpeg4? And what are the settings?
  7. SomeRandom

    Dvd To Mac..?

    What steps did you take to burn a disc image to your macbook? And does the image file itself playback properly once mounted?
  8. SomeRandom

    Toast 9 Audio Fade In/fade Out Function

    Hi, Geof - The words at the top of the menu boxes aren't "grayed out", so to speak. Rather, they can't be selected because they are the titles of the menu box, denoted by the ":" following the text, and the font is set to appear differently - the developers just happened to have chosen a lighter gray for this. The items listed in the menu that can be selected are common styles/variations of fades. With regard to your question on the crossfade: Select the third track in the project Click on the crossfade button Select the menu item, "Custom..." Identify your selected track in the crossfade UI (usually the top song) Adjust the starting marker of the fade out to the point you want to start fading out at (the top-most blue box on the blue line) Adjust the ending marker of the fade out to the point you want to end the fade out (e.g. 20 seconds before the end of the song) To remove the now silent sections of the track, identify the black box on the red line that marks the start of the next track Drag the red line to the time marker where you want the next track to begin To eliminate a crossfade and begin the track normally, drag the start and end points of the next song's fade markings to the red line - this will remove the fade in
  9. SomeRandom

    Tivo Transfer

    When you ran the Setup Assistant for the application, one of the screens prompted you to enable TiVo Transfer. You would have had to check the check box in this step in order for TiVo Transfer to be installed. If you didn't, or if you are unsure, do the following: 1. Launch Toast 2. Expand the Help menu 3. Click on the menu item for Toast Setup Assistant 4. Proceed through the Setup Assistant, as normal 5. When you get to the Screen for TiVo Transfers, make sure to click the check box for "Enable TiVo Transfers"
  10. SomeRandom

    Dvd Burning

    What optical drive are you using to attempt the burns to DL discs?
  11. SomeRandom

    Need Help To Burn .mp4 File....

    If you are burning to DVD to be played back in a set top device, then you can convert it before the burn on your own, or you can let the application perform the encoding process that is included with the burn process. If you are burning a data project, no conversion is necessary.
  12. SomeRandom

    Toast 10 Update

    If you have multiple versions of the same major version within your applications folder, then you've most likely changed the name of the folder or file structure in order to keep each one separate. I suggested deleting the old because an update is meant to replace an existing version, however, there is nothing wrong with simply renaming the existing folder to something else before attempting the install. Both would work.
  13. SomeRandom

    Want To Burn A 1x

    Quick question - Are you setting the speed when the drive is empty? If so, you may be selecting a speed that the destination media type doesn't support, which means that the app will reset to the default setting of "Best". Try inserting the blank disc first, then selecting the speed when you're about to burn.
  14. SomeRandom

    Audio Cd Ticks Once Transfered From Itunes...

    What is the source of the non-purchased tracks you are attempting to use and how are they being added into the application? (e.g. Are you reading them from a disc in the drive? Or are they stored on your system?)
  15. SomeRandom

    Issues Converting Video_ts To Divx Or Quicktime

    Is an error message displayed during the convert attempt? Or does it appear to finish without issue?