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    High Def Onto Dvd

    New to Toast 10, with HD/BD plug in. I use iMovie 09. I capture from my Canon HV20, high def camcorder. Goal is to get HD onto a DVD.. The recommendation in the Toast-10 user manual was to: To add an iMovie '08 project, first save your project in iMovie. Next, select Share > Media Browser and ensure that the Large size is selected. After clicking Publish, your project will be available under Movies in the Media Browser. So with this I get the following settings on the exported movie: H.264/AVC, 960 x 540, 29.97fps Audio: MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo 44100 Hz In Toast, I chose Blu-ray Video, Chose DVD media. (by the way I'm using DVD+R as that is all I have right now) Burned it. The DVD plays on my PS-3 Blu-ray fine. Looks great! Hands down way better than iDVD could ever do... (should of got Toast a while ago) but... How do I get true High Def? (1080) What Settings should I export it from iMovie ? Much appreciated ! soleview1