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    Video Lab 10 Import

    Is there anything I can do to "un-cripple" this? The other programs that I have for capture either don't work any more or have a limited time capture, making breaks in the capture every 12 minutes or so. I did buy this program from a store, it didn't come bundled with my camera or computer if that makes a difference...
  2. Danger Cat

    Video Lab 10 Import

    My camera's model is DCR-TRV361/TRV460 I know my firewire works because I've been able to capture with other programs.
  3. My operating system is: Windows XP - Home edition - version 2002 - service pack 2 Computer: Pentium® D CPU 2.66GHz – 2.67 GHz 960 MB of RAM Camcorder: Sony Digital 8 Steady Shot – UBS streaming Roxio software : Video Lab 10 My Sony DV camcorder is linked to my VCR and fire wired to the computer. When I turn on the camcorder the Roxio Media support window opens. I followed the directions in Importing saved video in Normal mode. The Capture Entire Tape and Capture Now buttons are not highlighted so I cannot click them. The video is playing in the import window, but the play back buttons below the window are not highlighted and beside them it says (No Media) I have defragged, cleaned the registry, un & reinstalled the software. Any suggestions? Thanks, DC