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    Dvd Cannot Play On Blue Ray Disc Player

    If you're selecting a "High Definition DVD" that is NOT the same as a Blu-ray disc, and a Blu-ray player WON'T play it. You need to select "Blu-ray" (only) to get a high definition disc that will play in a Blu-ray player.
  2. mooblie

    Burning Blu Ray

    You're not going to like this, Ken, but.... your drive is only a Blu-ray READER, not a WRITER. Sorry. To confirm: go to System Profiler: and look for this: (I guess you won't find it): You need to find a drive the DOESN"T have the word "Combo" in the name!! (That means it doesn't write to everything it reads.)
  3. mooblie

    Can't Install Toast Hd Plugin On Toast 9.07 Macbook Pro

    Exactly which version of Toast are you running? 9 or 10? The BD Plug-in has, I believe, to be the correct matching version?
  4. mooblie

    Burning Blu Ray For 1St Time - Won't Accept Disc!

    Hi - I think you've only got a Blu-ray READER there, not a WRITER! Sorry! (Reads and writes DVD/CDs, but not Blu-rays. )
  5. mooblie

    Have Blu-Ray Chapter Markers Been Broken Again?

    Edit: I feel so stupid - I exported from FCP with Markers = NONE! whereas it should be ALL. Sorry everybody, and Roxio, for doubting you!
  6. I recall, when I upgraded from Toast 10.0.4 to about 10.0.5 (was it?) the correct recognition of manually placed chapter markers in Blu-ray files started working correctly, after much complaining about earlier versions of Toast ignoring such chapter markers. I edit in FCP, and put <chapter markers> on the time lines, then export to ProRes QT HD movie files, and bring them into Toast. It all worked perfectly once a certain version of Toast 10.0.something was reached. However, I've just made a new Blu-ray (version nos. below) and now it seems we're back to Toast NOT recognising "Auto" chapter markers, just putting them in at a fixed 3-minute intervals. Is it me, or has this been problem come back?? or have I forgotten some key step in my workflow?? (FCP 7.0.3, OSX 10.6.8, QT 7.6.6, Toast 10.0.8.)
  7. Just to bump this - I am still interested in hardware-accelerating Blu-ray encoding with Elgato Turbo.264 HD dongle. Any joy anyone? (I don't have CS5.)
  8. mooblie

    Best Bd Media?

    Verbatim? And PLEASE get a couple of re-writable BD-RE discs, before you go making lots of BD-R coasters! This is exactly the same as the position ten years ago with DVDs, but for some reason many people don't seem to bother with (or know about) BD-RE discs. (They're like DVD-RW discs.) It's much easier on your wallet!!
  9. mooblie

    Compressor To Toast 10 For Blu Ray

    Very interesting, Sweet Tea. Have you done any direct comparison between the Compressor-encoded .m2v and Toast's own BD-encoding? Any quality difference? Much difference in time taken to encode? And isn't there an H.264 Compressor-Blu-ray preset now? Have you tried that?
  10. mooblie

    Burning "rw"

    IF your drive is capable of writing to DVD-RAM discs (and it's a big IF), they'll act like read/writeable giant floppies! (And that's straight from the Finder, Toast not necessary!)
  11. mooblie

    Blue Ray 1920 × 1080 Movies / Discs

    Download MediaInfo Mac and use it to check the pixel sizes of the source and final files. Actually, as you know: you don't really want Toast to RE-encode a file that is already compressed for Blu-ray (as H.264). Obviously it's nearly (but not quite) in a format that Toast can leave alone for Blu-ray use. Maybe MediaInfo Mac might shed some light on the source file, its exact format and why it was re-encoded. (BTW: Toast definitely CAN burn full HD 1920x1080 BDs - that's all I ever do!)
  12. mooblie

    Toast Can't Find My External Bd Drive?

    Well, if you read a BD to rip it, it must be working...
  13. mooblie

    Toast Can't Find My External Bd Drive?

    Power might be an issue. I see it uses TWO USB plugs? Are they both plugged in? Is there an auxiliary (wall-wart) type of PSU included? Is there a socket on the back for DC power?
  14. Not sure if this is news you to all - it certainly was news to me: XBMC media centre has been under constant development I assume, and has recently reached the stage where, under OSX, it now plays the "NNNNNN.m2ts" stream files from a finished (Toast-authored) Blu-ray disc. Shame it doesn't read/play the BD menus and jump to the appropriate tracks (it just stalls at playing the menu file "01200.m2ts"), cos . . . . . . then we'd basically be at "Blu-ray playback" on a Mac (without Windows)! Of course, you need a BD drive connected to your Mac for playback - and I haven't tried it with commercial BDs. So near, and yet so far... --------- Edit: Whoa! I see my post about XBMC on the Apple forums was removed by Apple! Touchy about Blu-ray, or what?
  15. If I'm right about my presumption, this isn't Roxio's fault. Apologies for referring to you as Alex. Please don't mis-quote me. I can see you're really cut up about this, but I guess I'll leave it here.