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  1. I have re-installed creator 2012 and I keep getting a message that says critical registry keys needed. What do I need to do or where do I find the keys.
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    Slideshow And Audio Questions

    Yes I have Creator 2009 and I do not have any clips in the production. I believe I was in VideoWave. I opened the slide show section and I added my pictures, then I added my music selection. Continued on and selected my transitions and then went to select the fit to audio and was not able to select this. So I manually figured out my timing and it ran well in the preview selection. But like I said that after it was burned there were moments where it froze during playback when I showed it to everyone.
  3. I have a couple of questions, first when I go to add music to my slide show it will not let me use the option fit to audio, I don't understand why, also before recording my slideshow it runs fine on the computer in the preview but after it is burned there are a couple of spots where the audio freezes for a second, is this a software problem or a burning problem, can you help.