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  1. burnergeoff

    Roxio Creator Mydvd File Transfer

    ah i see , thats why when i moved some photos around on videowave production ,when i went back to carry on it said they were missing......so if you transfer to another pc you have to take ALL the files used in the production with it. thanks for the help
  2. Is it possible to save a videowave pre-production and/or a mydvd production to an ext. hard drive or a usb stick so can be used on another pc with creator installed
  3. burnergeoff

    Creator 2010 Mydvd No Burner Available

    hi yep thats done it thanks very,i really im very grateful cdanteek..ive burnt of dvds no problemc can you save a mydvd production on a stick and burn on another pc by, just by making a file? one other issue i have windows xp installed creator2010......says certificate file missing so did a deep clean, then MSconfig,> antivirus off,> downloaded repair lisense .etc.... and still says certificate file..... thanks again for the help
  4. burnergeoff

    Creator 2010 Mydvd No Burner Available

    ok let you know how it goes thank you
  5. Hello ( dont know if this is the right place to posts this question) I have creator 2010 ,on windows7 and up till now no problems! I used videowave many times before, photos/video mix production, then sent to mydvd on the option to burn disc it says NO BURNING ARE AVAILABLE...and its greyed out Thinking there may be a fault with driver i burnt a cd via COPY DISC ok and in DEVICE MANAGER there is no problem and says its working ok. I removed the creator 2010 and all files and went into the registry .i have installed creator again but still no burner any ideas please as there is a wedding to burn off!
  6. dvd burnind via my dvd

  7. dvd burnind via my dvd

  8. burnergeoff

    File Missing

    ok i will look into that and thanks for your input
  9. burnergeoff

    File Missing

    Ooops me being dumb..(sorry)this pc went off to a repair guy.he said he had installed a Anti-Virus on it after he had re installed xp because i did something to it (embarassed cough ) i didnt realised the microsoft essentials that he had installed was a anti-virus.aaaahhhh!!!! so i went and put McAfee on no wonder the thing had a melt down....and the rest is history. Is it any good?.as my daughter laptop had a freebee web download may have been AVG or COMOD and something got in good and proper
  10. burnergeoff

    File Missing

    thanks i will
  11. burnergeoff

    File Missing

    and to be honest MCAfee ends in july .its going in the trash, i spoke to a guy at PC WORLDm (nationwide store) and he said they get nothing but trouble wiyt McAfee and Norton to the effect that McAfee have brought out a anti-virus und a different name that dont go so deep...just goes to show
  12. burnergeoff

    File Missing

    ok how do i do that
  13. burnergeoff

    Missing Certificate

    yea .fair enough.but it happened to be me that it went wrong on.
  14. burnergeoff

    Missing Certificate

    jim hi,... the only trouble is you buy the disc and theres nothing about all the pre-work (AV stop etc).it would help everyone if roxio included instructions on a proper installation rather than throwing it at the pc and hope it works!
  15. burnergeoff

    Missing Certificate

    hi, i dont know if this will help( but ive had big time trouble with "certificate file missing or corrupt" creator 2010 on XP.it loaded up perfectly ok on my windows 7 laptop .I gather it dont like McAFEE, i did a clean up ROXIO KNOWLEDGE BASE 000206) then fetched the 9REPAIR LICENCE 000244).in all cases the McAfee has to be totally SWITCHED OFF( basically you HAVE to follow every stage ,with NO short cuts, its taken me a long,long time...i hope this may help