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  1. Thanks for your advice. I did just that and it worked like a charm; that's a handy little app and the price was certainly right. I am surprised though that the Roxio program didn't include the ability to burn an ISO to a flash drive in this day & age; I figured it would burn just about anything to anything, especially since it is able to create ISOs. Does the higher-end Roxio program do this? I've used just about every EZ Creator program from the first version-on but I wound it up at Creator 2012 because Windows 7 could do just about every routine chore I needed. Ironically Microsoft took the ability to copy discs out of Windows 10 (for some unfathomable reason) and that's why I had to give-in and buy the Easy CD & DVD Burning program. I would hope that Roxio would include the ability to burn an ISO to a flash drive the next time they upgrade the program, since this is a function that just about everybody and their dog needs these days, especially since many new computers are coming sans DVD drives now. If you don't have the Internet, a network hook-up or Bluetooth you're out of luck transferring files or making an emergency recovery disc unless you have a flash drive... Hint, hint Roxio!
  2. I have the latest version of Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning (Version;, Build 140B49C, ECD; 701B41A, ECD) running on Windows 10 Professional updated to the latest build. My problem is that I have a bootable ISO file (EaseUS Partition Master) which I've downloaded and I need to burn it to a bootable USB flash drive so I can boot-up on it and run the program. However, try as I might I can't find out how to accomplish this task - it gives me an option to burn it to disc but not to a USB flash drive. It's a dirt-common function and one I'm sure this Roxio program has, but so far I haven't discovered how to make it work. Any information on how to use Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning to do this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I've been faithfully using Roxio "Creator" products for a good 15 years now and I've always been able to do a Custom or Selective Install (or Uninstall) either during the initial installation or afterwards using Windows' "Uninstall or Change" feature. I have very specific requirements and only need certain features of the program; indeed other so-called "features" actually conflict with other software on my computer and so I don't even try to install them from the get-go. Well, I paid close attention during the install portion of the procedure and found no such option, nor did I afterwards after the install finished, when I went to Windows "Programs & Features" under Control Panel. The "splash screen" told me that I could "change the way Roxio Creator 2009 features are installed on your computer" but after I clicked "Next" it only gave me the option to completely remove the program, informing me that I could click "Back" if I wanted to change my installation settings; this was totally bogus though, as the earlier screen told me to click "Next" to access that feature. Anyway, could someone please inform me as to how to get to the real "selective setup" part of the program, so I can just have what part of Creator 2009 that I want and need, and not the rest of the (in my opinion) overly bloated full program? Thanks in advance. Dell Vostro 220 Vista Business 32-bit Roxio Creator 2009