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    Burning More Than 80 Min

    Ah, see, the mp3 files play if the total minutes is <80, but not if the total is even 1 min longer. So, the CD player must play mp3 files. Any more ideas ? Thanks for you have answered so far.
  2. Norm2006

    Burning More Than 80 Min

    I have several mp3 files I want to burn to a standard CD for use in a portable CD player. The total is about 50MB of space, but the playing time is over 80 minutes. How can I get these mp3 files to burn? I thought as long as the MB is less than 700, I could do it. Using "Create Audio CD for Car/home player", it works, except for the 80 min limit. Tried "Drag to Disc", won't play in player Tried "Music Disc Creator - MP3/WMV", won't play in player Tried "Creator Classic", won't play in player These files total about 2.5 hours of audio, but only 50MB in size. Any suggestions how I can get them on a disc and play them on a CD player? Oh yeah, I'm using ISO+Jolier+UDF for the burning option. Thanks in advance for the help
  3. I need to copy several multi-page PDF files to CD, total space less than 3MB. These need to be read on CD players through peoples' TVs. I've tried drag-to-disc, making a data disc, and using Creator Classic. None of these are readable on my stand-alone DVD player through my TV. Can this be done using EMC 9, and how? I'm up against a deadline, so a quick reply is much appreciated. Thanks.