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    Label Creator Print Issue

    I am guessing that I will have to disable the Lightscribe function so that I can print my labels.. I agree Regarding the JWL cases, one would have thought that they might come out with a fix for that. Thanks
  2. dsldude

    Label Creator Print Issue

    I recently installed the 10.1 version of EMC10. Everything went well, until I went to print and reprint a couple of Labels. After doing a lot of reading on these forums, I understand that 10.1 will not read/open previously created JWL files. Is there a solution to that? Also, I have a lightscribe drive, but do not want to use it as the default "Printer" in Label Creator. Every time I select print, the program automatically jumps to that selection. I have to wait for it to generate the preview, before I can change to my inkjet. Is there a way to set the Inkjet as the primary printer? Any suggestions, heartfully accepted... Thanks