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  1. Had to reload Windows 10 due to problems (slow -- very slow) internet pages loading. The reload seemed to take care of that but I need to reload the programs. Reloaded NXT 3 Pro and the install goes flawlessly, but when I start the program, it crashes almost immediately and won't load. Searched online for a solution. Completely uninstalled it ( cleaned registry keys w/Revo uninstaller), copied program to hard drive and retried the install. Again, it worked fine, but when I tried to run the program, it crashed just like before. I am running Windows 10 (fresh install yesterday) on a Dell XPS 12, i7, 256GB msata. Any help would REALLY be appreciated. Thanks, Duck
  2. I've tried using Roxio Support to find a solution to this, but they tell me it's not a problem. But I can attest it is a legacy problem back as far as Creator 9, maybe further. When I create an audio project, often I want to crossfade music tracks. But I just want the music mixed together at their normal volume. I don't want any fades put into them, especially on the second track. But whenever I use the crossfade transition and although I specifically do not put in a fade, the second track ALWAYS begins at a lower volume (at least 3 or 4 db lower) and w/in about a second or second and a half comes up to full volume. I need the track to come in at full volume, but it always fades in -- again, not from zero volume, but definitely at a lower volume. I do this alot, mixing live tracks in which I want the opening notes of the guitar (or whatever) of the second track to hit full volume over the applause fading out on the first track. Any solutions out there? Thanks, Duck