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  1. I Bought the new Roxio creator nxt 4 2014 but first I triad to delete first the old Roxio creator nxt pro 2012 from the control panel but it stopped the process half way I waited a long time but it would not delete the program completely,then I triad the installation of the new Roxio creator nxt 4 after I entered the serial number it started to uninstall the old program but it also stopped the process right after it started how can I delete the program can anybody help me?I have it installed on windows 10
  2. I have windows XP Professional ver.2002,service pack 3,Intel ®Pentium ® 4CPU,3 GHz, and have Roxio Creator 2011,my drive "D" is a DVD-R Plextor PX-820 A, and drive "E" is a HP DVD-R1140,when i click on my computer both drives are displayd and working ok.but when i select Copy and convert,in the media selector is only the drive "E" displayed,when i insert a DVD into "E" drive it is not responding
  3. I can copy a DVD from D drive to E drive,or from E drive to D drive,but when i use copy and convert,my D drive is not showing,and when i use the E drive Roxio copy and convert is not responding, can anybody help me?
  4. Mozesk

    File To Big

    Thank you very much for your reply,i am sorry i am new to this,could you please explain in detail how to use Videowave to make my slide show,i could not follow your instructions,i made my slide show after i finnished it,i could not see how to open my DVD, and use it to author the slide show to a DVD disc
  5. Mozesk

    File To Big

    Thank you Malatekid for your reply,My settings for the disc size was one time :to fit the disc,another time :same as original,my problem remain the same,no matter how many pictures 10 or a 100 when i click on burn to disc,the result is the same,used 5534.7mb,free is in minus 834.7mb.the DVD disc is 4.7gb,i cannot find how to set the time limit for each picture to show,5 seconds, 10 seconds?
  6. Mozesk

    File To Big

    I just made my first slide show 130 pictures,used 3617.3 mb,free 834.7 mb,works ok. Then i started my second project i had only 85 pictures when i clicked burn to disk,the line was in the red, used 5534.7mb and free was in - 834.7mb?how can that be?How can i correct this problem,please can somebody help me?I repeated it several times with only 35 pictures and the outcome was allways the same?