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    Burning Multiple Eyetv Files On 1 Disk

    Hi I have recorded 3 episodes of my favorite TV show with eyeTV. All 3 recordings are ok and I can watch them no problem. I would like to burn all 3 episodes on same 2 layers DVD with Toast 10 with a menu showing episode 1, episode 2 or whatever title. The problem is only message I get is : not enough free space on disk 10 Go needed etc..(see attached screenshot) How can I achieve this ? All I need is Toast to compress these files to burn them on 1 disk ! I have also tried exporting each episode as disk image mounting it and burning video_TS file but it doesn't work either. Anybody an idea? Thanks for help Rgds from France
  2. mcgyver47

    Adding .srt Files To Dvd

    I am in exact same situation: installed perian, watching movie with quicktime shows subtitles but Toast 8 doesn't burn these subtitles in Anybody any ideas ?? I am running 10.5.6 Perian 1.1.3 with Load subtitles checked in Perian prefs and burning with Toast Titanium 8.04