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    Audio Sync On Tivo Files

    Okay, here is where I am at. I have Tivo to go and am trying to burn the videos onto DVD. The files plays fine in WMP and I have attempted to convert the file toa MPEG which also plays well in WMP. However, whhen I load it into EMC or Pinnacle for that matter, the audio becomes increasingly delayed as it plays and it carries over when burning to DVD (thinking it was a playback through editor issue). This didn't used to be an issue. I am running an Intel 6600 Core Duo at 2.4 GHz 2 Gig of PNY DDR2 360 GB WD SATA HD HiS/ATI Radeon 1650 Pro with 512 MB GDDR2 Windows XP Home SP3 Any ideas would be appreciated.