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    Help Converting Aac To Mp3 Format

    Thanks to all for the great advice. The advice that tsantee wrote WORKED where I can change the import settings and than the advanced settings to convert to MP3. YAYYYY!!!!! Now I don't have to listen to other peoples music at work. Thanks again.
  2. twidget007

    Help Converting Aac To Mp3 Format

    I just bought Toast 10, opened up the box and downloaded the software. I went to contents, Chapter 7, Converting Audio and Video and convert Audio Files. I followed the steps and got to step 5, choose one of the available conversion formats. There is no option for MP3. What I need to do is convert my songs already in iTunes from AAC to MP3 format. I am a Mac user and have a Dare phone. I have a 8GB memory card for my phone and want to put my music on it. I could spend money on an iPhone but do not want to deal with ATT customer service, AGAIN. If anyone has any suggestions please help. Hopefully I won't have to throw away this program and waste the money I spent buying it. Thanks in advance.