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  1. You can have both Toast 10.0.2 and 10.0.3 on your Mac together. You should be able to merely copy the Toast folder from the other Mac to the one you're wanting it on. Some users with Blu-Ray drives are choosing Save as Disc Image for their Blu-Ray video projects and then burning that to Blu-ray disc with Toast 10.0.2. I'm confident this is a temporary issue that Roxio will address with another update. I'm also confident they were unaware of this bug when they released 10.0.3.


    The crashing others are reporting is only when they try to burn to Blu-ray media. Their Blu-ray drives are working when burning to standard DVDs using 10.0.3. It sounds from your description that this is different for you. I recommend trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunching Toast to see if that fixes the issue for now.


    Well, I'm now having much bigger problems.


    So it turns out I had actually updated Toast on both machines. 10.0.3 is working on the 10.5.8 machine, not the other.


    In any case, I created a Blu-Ray disc by dragging in files on the 10.5 machine. I dragged in the .avc's, and the audio with the same file names then appeared as well. There were two .avc's. One, a simple 10 sec. of black used as a spacer. The second, my niece's wedding. The spacer had 5.1 .ac3 as the audio, the wedding has only a stereo .aiff. I set the disc to auto-play. Then I saved it as a BD disc image. I then brought that over to the 10.6.1 machine, and burned the Blu-Ray disc from the image. I thought, whew, at least I can do it.


    Unfortunately, this is what happens. The disc, instead of auto-starting from the black spacer, which is the first file, starts from the wedding -- so no spacer. It turns out you can only get to the spacer when you go to Menu, then both files appear as different choices. Why is it starting from the second choice??


    But worse, there's no audio for wedding. I can't tell if this happening with the spacer as well, since the audio for that is simply silence.


    Sorry, I don't mean to beg, but I'm kind of getting at my wit's end. My poor niece has been waiting for this for 3 weeks while I've been working all this out.




    EDITED: PS, I guess this means I still need the 10.0.2 updater if you know where I can get it.

  2. Ok, I've now tried all of the following to connect: Using the drive as listed under the drives popup. Using Other... and entering the ext. IP address:9385. (This comes up as not a valid internet address. Of course it is.) Using http://the ext. IP:9385 (Not a valid internet address). The location of the shared computer by name on the network: john-smiths-mac-pro.local (Cannot find the IP address :) ). afp:// (not a valid internet address). And of course, (not a valid internet address).


    Pray tell, what is a valid internet address?


    Can someone tell me how to fix this thing?

  3. Toast 10.0.3 now crashes when: You just open it and then try to quit. Or, you try to burn a Blu-Ray Disc. So far.


    So it's far worse than the previous version, which had it's bugs, but at least was able to burn a blu-ray before quitting.


    Can someone tell me where to get the previous version?


    EDITED: I have another machine on the network which runs the previous version (although I tossed the installer, I hadn't updated that machine yet). As well, it's running 10.5.8, so presumably it works without crashing.


    It sees my blu-ray burner as one of the choices, however, when I go to burn, it says the ToastAnywhere connection can't be established Result = 30395.


    I tried opening port 9385 on my router, that doesn't help.

  4. >> Did the update include that as an issue it's fixed?


    For some players....


    >> As far 2), yes, I had done that. There is no specific listing for BD-RE, which is what I was using. Could that be the issue?


    No - as long as the BD option is selected it authors a BD disc (vs selecting DVD which authors AVCHD).


    Ok. I'll give it a try :)

  5. 1) Make sure you're using the update we posted today, we added some fixes:



    2) If you're in a Blu-ray project, make sure the disc gauge has BD selected before clicking the record button


    I just did, thanks. I'll give that a try.


    Did the update include that as an issue it's fixed?


    As far 2), yes, I had done that. There is no specific listing for BD-RE, which is what I was using. Could that be the issue?


    Also, I had placed a 10 sec. .avc file of nothing but black as a spacer before the main file, and I had made sure there was 10 sec. of silence as an .ac3 file of the same exact name to go with it, so there would be an audio track for the spacer. Those also didn't play...?


    So I guess I'm still pretty confused.


    Thanks again.

  6. I was making a test disc, and added several .avc files to the list for Blu-Ray video.


    There were 4 files in the list. Only the first file plays. In fact, my player doesn't even show any further files as being available to play. Each file was 50 min., and my player shows the total length of time to be 50 min.


    I made sure to check Play All Items Continuously.


    What am I doing wrong?

  7. Hi--


    I have a 9 GB disc that was saved as a .toast image, that I usually burn on 3 DVD's splitting them. But now when I open it, it says it's 9 GB on 1 disc, and just says I don't have enough room. What did I do to lose the splitting option?




    EDIT: nm. got it. Thanks.

  8. The Plextor PX-716UF is external.


    CDBurnerXP is a free software program. It is not made by Microsoft.


    I don't know how my drive can be dead when it plays everything else and I only used it a couple times before. When I have Data Disk open in Creator Classic and put a DVD-RW in the drive at the bottom left corner of the Creator Classic program it recognizes that it's a DVD-RW. I found this answer on another message board concerning Focus Servo Failure.


    The "Focus servo failure" message is a hardware error. It can be caused by the following:


    POOR MEDIA - Try more than one brand of CD-R media to rule this out as cause.

    POOR POWER - The power to your recorder could be fluctuating. If you have an internal recorder, try a different power connector and make sure it's not being shared by any other devices. If you have an external recorder, if possible, remove it from the external chassis and connect it to your system as an internal recorder. If this resolves your issue, you need to replace or repair the power source in your external chassis.

    MESSED UP OPTICAL HEAD - is dirty, needs alignment, or recorders circuit board has an open coil - please contact your recorder manufacturer to service your unit.

  9. "doesn't work" tell us nothing. Give us some details of what you are trying to do. The more info you give us the sooner we can try to help. Did you try a different brand of DVD's, When you tried Creator Classic did you receive any errors, details,details.


    Maybe a step by step of what you are trying to do.

    I got two errors saying 'D: PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716A ("Seek, synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error - Hardware error." [04/09/02]' The DVD-RW was then ejected from the drive.


    I am trying to store info on a disk so I can transfer it to another computer. I did not try a different brand of DVDs because I don't have any.

  10. What I am using:

    Memorex DVD-RW 4x

    Plextor PX-716UF drive

    Roxio Easy Media Creator 7


    I want to burn a DVD-RW but everytime I try to I get an error message saying "The disk media is not recognized. It may not be formatted."


    Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and my computer recognize it's a blank disc.


    When I try to format the DVD-RW a message saying "Format operation on drive D:\ failed. The drive failed to process a command."