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  1. No. Not thru NVIDIA's website. Vista's own update check said it was up to date. I might try this option tomorrow. Yeah. Dual boot with ubuntu 9.04. But I swore I was able encode other times. It's been almost 3 years since I've 1st partitioned my hdd. Hmmm. I've been able to encode on other programs. And I'm not sure if this matters, but the error IS a roxio videowave error, not a generic-vista-microsoft error. I can continue with my other applications and close out videowave with no problems.
  2. I reboot about every week or less, cleaned with ccleaner last month & a half, haven't done a defrag in awhile, disk space should be no issue - hdd 1 has 100GB free, hdd 2 has 150GB- The mp4's were flv's from online that I converted using handbrake and they are all about 5-10minutes (anywhere from 25 to 70MB). There is only my account on the hp m8120n machine with an NVIDIA GeForce 7350 LE graphics card. Core2 quad 2.4 ghz processor with 3 GB ram. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Using easy media creator 10 on vista, specifically the videowave application to combine a couple of mp4 files into one file, I get the following error: Error A locked allocation can't be used in the current command buffer. I have full read/write access to the files, plenty of ram, disk space, etc. What gives me this error? And how do I fix it?
  4. manchtrash

    Change Output Location Of A/v Converter Gadget

    I was always taught 11 came after 10. Thanks for help. My Sidebar always restarts, not sure if the settings on them change though because I don't need to change any settings on the other gadgets. Anyone else want to try to help me find out how to get rid of this My Converted Files in my User directory without stopping the A/VConverter Gadget?
  5. manchtrash

    Change Output Location Of A/v Converter Gadget

    Well maybe not all's well that seems to end well. I rebooted and the setting on the A/VConverter gadget went back to Simple Convert (that orange arrow) and I got the My Converted Files folder again in my user directory. Any hints?
  6. manchtrash

    Change Output Location Of A/v Converter Gadget

    So there were more hidden menus!!! That solution fixed it, no more My Converted Files folder in my user directory! Thanks! Manchtrash
  7. manchtrash

    Change Output Location Of A/v Converter Gadget

    The EMC 10 Suite that I purchased had 2 gadgets, the Audio CAPTURE and the Audio/Video CONVERTER. I only use the A/VConverter. It's the top gadget. Your Capture gadget is on the bottom. Guess the Converter converts the file into the same folder as the original, so my question now becomes what EMC 10 program creates this dang My Converted Files folder in the User Directory? Maybe I'll start a new post focusing on that question. I thought it was that gadgets' fault. Unless it still is?
  8. manchtrash

    Change Output Location Of A/v Converter Gadget

    Thanks for the quick reply but that wrench will just change the file output (wmv, h264, psp, etc). But after further tinkering, dragging the file I want converted into the A/VCapture Gadget will convert it into the same folder as the original. So I guess the question now becomes what Roxio EMC 10 app creates that My Converted Files folder in the Users folder? And how can I stop it from automatically creating that folder?
  9. Just wanted to know if there was a way to change the output folder location of the Audio/Video Converter Vista gadget from Roxio EMC 10. Great way to convert files but I don't like the location of the folder (there's no My ... anything anymore in Vista and I want it inside the Videos folder), and it always reappears when i delete it then restart the computer. Any suggetsions?