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  1. grm

    No Display In Video Trimmer

    Hi Myguggi, The app. that is on the bottom right hand of the home page of Creator 2010 (Load Disc Image). I opened it a couple of months ago and it said there was an available update so I installed it. All works well with it, in fact I used it this morning to check out a production I had just finished. However I did get the window that the loader driver was updated and would be used after the next restart. Thought that window had gone away. GRM
  2. OK grm, thanks for reply. Please send along any info about a solution. I'll do the same. I'm considering uninstall and re-install but I think I'll see if chat support has any idea's of what might be going on with the trimmer.

  3. No EDcousinIT's, no solution as yet. GRM

  4. grm

    No Display In Video Trimmer

    I have just posted this and Sknis is trying to help, but no solution as yet. GRM
  5. grm

    No Display In Video Trimmer

    I cleared the proxy files , but no help. I can use the method that you suggested, but it would be quicker with the trimmer. Funny, a few months ago I updated the Disk Image loader. From then until today, every time I would open the Disk Image loader, I would get a window that said " Disk Image Loader Driver was updated. The new version will be used after the next restart." I have restarted several times since, but the message continues to display each time it is opened. Then this morning, after the problem with the Trimmer started, I opened the Disk Image loader, and there is no message about the update. I surely do not know if the two are related but it seems odd to me. I thank you for your reply Sknis. You and others have helped in the past and I hope you can figure out what the problem is this time. I have also tried changing to software through tools/options but to no avail. Thanks again and I will keep checking and hoping. GRM
  6. Hi, I'm having the same problem with video trimmer. I sent you a message, if you can find it here in the forums page.

  7. Hello Everyone, I am attempting to use the Video Trimmer found in Video Wave. I am using Roxio Creator 2010. I have been using Roxio and editing my home videos for a couple of years now. I have a Cannon FS 22 camcorder. The clips are Mpeg 2 format. I started another project this morning, and after adding my video clips in Video Wave ( Edit Video Advanced Tab)I wanted to speed-up one of the clips. I double clicked the clip and brought up the Video Trimmer Window. I then advanced the speed to +4 and clicked the OK button. I ran the clip I had just changed and it worked great. I then went to another clip that I wanted to do some trimming on, however when the Video Trimmer window opened, the preview screen was black. The start and end window screens on the upper left and right corners both had the proper pictures for the beginning and end of the clip, and you could adjust both start and end by the dial controls, but the clip would not play in the preview window, nor did any of the controls for it work. I then "saved as" and closed the application, restarted my computer and went back to see if anything had changed. It had not. I then added a clip that I had captured from the T.V. (avi format)and much to my surprise the Video Trimmer window opened and the clip appeared in the preview window as it should and all worked fine. I closed the Trimmer window and then chose one of my camcorder clips and reopened it. The Trimmer window did not display the clip in the preview window. The Trimmer works with everything I put in it except for Mpeg or MOV. files. I don't know what happened. It has always worked fine since I installed this version. I would be very grateful to anyone that could help me. GRM
  8. grm


    I find myself among greatness!! You hit the nail right on the head. Setting for audio was not set properly. I changed the setting to speakers, and bingo there was the audio, after restart. I thought I had checked there first, but I guess that's part of getting a little older. Thanks so much, and have a very merry Christmas. grm
  9. grm


    Hello Everyone, I have just tried to play an ISO image from My DVD to see how that works, after watching the "Using Disc Images to Test My DVD Projects", in the Learning Center of Roxio 2010. All went perfectly, however there is no audio when using CinePlayer. I also tried playing a DVD with CinePlayer, and that also has no audio. The same DVD played well with Windows Media Player, and the ISO I used had been burned to a disc and I know that also is working as it should. Can anyone help me get CinePlayer working properly?? Any help would be appreciated. grm
  10. grm

    Roxio USB Capture Device

    Thanks Gary, Thank you for the quick response. I will pass it along to him. Thanks again, grm
  11. Hello everyone, I have a friend who has just purchased Creator 2010, ordered the Roxio USB capture device, and with it received an installation driver disc. Does he need to use the disc or does Creator 2010 include everything he needs to use the capture device? I believe it does but want to make sure. grm
  12. Thanks for quick the reply Walt. I appreciate everything that you and others have helped me with. grm
  13. Hello Everyone, I am wanting to know which application in Creator 2010 is best for burning the disc image from My DVD."Burn Disc Image", or "Copy & Convert". Does one give better overall quality to the finished disc, or doesn't it matter which you use. After editing in Video Wave advanced, and using "save as" option I then add to My DVD, add menu, choose high quality option,then choose the "Burn Disc Image" option. I see these two options on the home page of Creator 2010. Thanks for any comments you may have.
  14. Steve I'm pretty sure it's the drivers. After updating them I did everything the same as I always have done, so as to eliminate that as the problem. The pops and crackels are gone and that's the only change I made. Thanks again, grm
  15. No, I had not updated the audio drivers until yesterday. Have just finished recording and capturing to PC my 1/2 hour show and everything is fine. Audio is clean with no pops or crackels, sounds great! Thanks to all for the time and suggestions. grm