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    Roxio Not Detecting Cd & Dvd Drives

    I burned a few CDs today and everything worked great! Thank you so much for the help!
  2. Bear359

    Roxio Not Detecting Cd & Dvd Drives

    I tried that link and the software is now detecting both drives. I haven't tried to burn any discs but when I do I'll post about what happens. Thank you!
  3. I'm have windows XP with service pack 3 and Roxio Creator LE - Dell Edition & Easy Media Creator 10 Suite will not detect CD drive or DVD drive. I was having a problem with the drives not being detected when I click on the My Computer Icon but that has been solved because there was a problem with the registry. Any ideas on why Roxio isn't detecting the drives? Roxio Creator came installed with my computer so I don't have a CD to reinstall it and I haven't been able to find the CD for Easy Media Creator because I recently moved. Thanks!