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  1. I get the "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Creator 2009" window when I (1) right click any folder -- even an empty folder, or (2) access an audio or video file. I cancel the window; it pops up again; I cancel it again; it finally goes away. I used Windows' uninstall program twice, but it didn't get rid of Roxio. I did a SEARCH for all instances of Roxio in the file or folder name, and then deleted them. I couldn't get rid of one dll file in a Roxio folder; it was protected somehow. Renaming it didn't help. I finally moved it to the recycle bin and emptied the recycle bin; that did it. I ran msconfig and unchecked all Roxio references in the services and startup tabs, and restarted my computer. I downloaded C2009_UninstallerXP.zip and ran it, but it said that Roxio was not found, so it could not uninstall it. I still get the "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Creator 2009" window when I (1) right click any folder -- even an empty folder (2) access an audio or video file. I have a Compaq Presario desktop PC running Windows XP service pack 3. What is causing these aggravating messages about Roxio? How can I get rid of them? Kirk
  2. Using Sonic myDVD Plus, I am trying to convert AVI files and burn them to a DVD so that I can play them using my DVD player. I did the following: 1. Click "Create Project" 2. Click DVD 3. Click "Add files" 4. Select the AVI file Then I received the following message: "One or more files could not be imported: The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. Installing the correct decoders for the files you are working with may help to correct the problem." There was no other explanation of the problem. How do I get around this problem and successfully convert an AVI file to a DVD-readable file? Do I need to download some codecs? If so, which ones and how? Additional information: - VLC media player plays the AVI files on my PC (Windows XP). - When Windows Media Player (version 10) opens one of the AVI files, it plays only the audio, not the video. It displays the following 3 messages: connecting / locating codec server / error downloading codec. - I ran a codec finder program that said that the codec used for the movies is XVID MPEG-4. - I bought Sonic about 3 years ago. I think that it is version 2.0.2.