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  1. Bonsaijoe

    Burn Slide Show to DVD

    I just upgraded to Creator 8. I am having trouble burning my slide show to DVD. Never had a problem in 7.5 version. Made the slide show, edit in videowave and that would send it to MyDVD and burn it. Not the same in ver 8. On line customer support was no help. How does it work in ver 8? Thanks
  2. Bonsaijoe

    Launcher15.exe Error

    When I try to change the location of of pictures to add to a slide show, It crashes and I get the error. If I keep everything in My Documents it works. I used to be able to go to another drive to get pics and music.
  3. Creator NXT 3 get launcher15.exe error when I try to change drives to add pictures

  4. Bonsaijoe

    Menus In Mydvd9

    I have had some luck finding free video loops and audio loops on the net. Download them and sace in a file. switch out the std ones for the new ones you want to use. The only problem I have had so far is if the video loop is shorter than the audio loop, you don't get the whole audio loop to play. If anyone else know another solution I would like to try it.