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    Videos In Photoshows

    Roxio advertises that videos can be included in photoshows. I have tried with the formats that they claim can be included with no luck.
  2. I have used PhotoShow for a number of years and was well pleased with the results. However, I feel that Roxio has just let this software go and not improved it or added new features. For example, supposedly you can add videos to your photoshows. I am unable to do so. Consequently I am now using another program for building my slide/video shows. I guess it is "So Long, Old Friend".
  3. groberts

    Converting Photoshows To Wmv Format

    Digital Guru, you are correct. It worked fine this afternoon. Also, it is interesting that it didn't take nearly as long as earlier today when it only produced audio with no video.
  4. groberts

    Converting Photoshows To Wmv Format

    That is kind of a raw deal. An annual fee is paid every year for this service. It looks like all of the options should work or Roxio should take the option away completely.
  5. I used the Export Videos option to convert a photoshow to wmv format. The result was a file with only the music that I had used for the show with none of the photos. Does anyone know why this happened and what I need to do to get the photos also? This is the first time I have tried this option.
  6. groberts

    Uploading Photoshows

    In the past I have uploaded many photoshows successfully. However, I am having trouble uploading one which has 164 photos. Is there a maximum number of photos that can be in a photoshow that is to be uploaded?