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  1. Martin Dekker

    Toast 16 - Toast 15 With 1 New Feature And Bugs

    Did you read my post just above yours? Concerning where to find WinZip: I could launch it from Launchpad as it appeared there after installation of Toast Pro 16.
  2. Martin Dekker

    Toast 16 - Toast 15 With 1 New Feature And Bugs

    There is also an issue with generating WinZip serials included in Toast Pro 16. You'll be left with the WinZip trial version for now. Support promised me to fix it next week and send out serials.
  3. Martin Dekker

    Toast 12.0.1 Available

    That link worked for me when I recently updated Toast, so maybe you should try again. However, from the filename I assume it's not a complete installer, rather an update installer. But at least you can save it off line and don't need internet access when re-installing Toast in the future.
  4. Martin Dekker

    Tt12 On Yosemite?

    It would amaze me if that patch would be part of a Toast 13 release since 12 has just been released.
  5. Martin Dekker

    Light Scribe, Burning Multiple Labels At Once

    Hehehe running 8.1 (heck, the upgrade to 8.0 at launch was a bargain) on my Mac using Parallels 9 but trying to avoid as much as possible... not because I don't like it, but there's not enough disk space to have two OS's fully operational on it (not to mention spending twice the amount of licenses ). However... those virtual machines are excellent for testing purposes, but I won't spent money on a license for testing only (hey, I'm Dutch! ).
  6. Martin Dekker

    Light Scribe, Burning Multiple Labels At Once

    You're welcome guys and tnx I've recently switched to Mac, hence my lack of interest in new versions of Creator and also the reason why I was visiting Lightscribe.com: to get the Mac system software and labeler... only to find out what I described above. It was obviously going to happen any time soon... too bad, I liked LightScribe very much, but I must admit I hardly use CD's or DVD's anymore. So... even if you don't plan on switching to Mac or Linux just now: download those versions as well while you still can! I just did BTW and totally OT (sorry Don): After half a year of Mac usage it didn't make me a fanboy, much like I never was an MS fanboy before... it's just another OS and I would describe it as the best Linux version I've ever tried . I kinda miss the yearly releases of Creator though (they were a few weeks late this year, weren't they ). BTW2 I've changed my avatar Jim
  7. Martin Dekker

    Light Scribe, Burning Multiple Labels At Once

    Unfortunately lightscribe.com is about to die. The opening page tells you that HP is very thankful for your interest in this labeling technology, but no longer links to the software and templates. However, direct links like http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSection/windows/ still work. So anyone who's interested: download the software and templates as soon as you can.
  8. Martin Dekker

    Installation Errors

    Just some suggestions: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/27319-error-code-0643-during-installation/ http://www.fixya.com/support/t2646476-roxio_install_error_0643 If you google this error message you'll get a lot of hits.
  9. Martin Dekker

    Paint Shop Pro

    If that's PSP X4 without restrictions, Corel might as well take the retail version of PSP off the pricelist
  10. Martin Dekker

    Paint Shop Pro

    What version of Paint Shop Pro is included in Creator NXT and does it have restrictions over the retail version of Paint Shop Pro?
  11. Martin Dekker

    Roxio Creator 2012 And Easy Vhs To Dvd3

    Zoals je in de reacties kunt zien is de voertaal op dit forum Engels.... Maar er wordt zo goed en zo kwaad als het kan toch een poging tot hulp gedaan door de guru's zie ik :-) Je zult voor sommige problemen meer specifiek moeten zijn. Wat voor foutmelding krijg je bij het opstarten van VHS to DVD bijvoorbeeld? Voor het bromprobleem heeft Roxio blijkbaar (nog) geen oplossing beschikbaar, maar als je het via een gratis tool wel perfekt kan oplossen... Dan weet ik wel wat mijn oplossing zou zijn. Martin
  12. Martin Dekker

    Installing Roxio Creator 2012 Pro

    Well, just go to your CD / DVD drive in Windows Explorer and try to start setup.exe from there manually...
  13. 64bit Virtual Drive 10 installs in C:\Program Files\Roxio 2012 (hence: not in "(x86)"), guess it's true 64bit. - Does this folder "C:\Program Files\Roxio 2012\Virtual Drive 10" already exist on your system? - If so, can you manually access it (eg delete this folder)? /M.
  14. Martin Dekker

    Installation Issues With Creator 2012 Pro

    Good :-) I had this issue before. It appeared to have happened after I restored an image to C: which left all user rights on D: all wrong. I couldn't even delete D:\Users\Martin\Pictures\Roxio 3D Samples before getting ownership over it and change the userright settings. Install of Creator 2012 failed as you described because the installer could not create or change this map.
  15. There is a difference between a localized Windows installation (eg Italian or Dutch) and a US-EN Windows installation with a language pack (eg Italian or Dutch) added to it... It's not the same.