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  1. In 2009 is there a way to get to label creator without going into create labels than going thro8ugh 3 nexts to get to edit in label creator?
  2. rundmcnj

    Classic Creator

    Than opens the easy label creator wizard I need to work in classic label creator
  3. rundmcnj

    No Way To Preview Songs

    Not a good answer. All older versions gave you an audio player to preview them once you select them. I f I do a bunch of songs and need to delete some from the project I cant preview them to know which ones to remove
  4. rundmcnj

    No Way To Preview Songs

    I cant find a way to preview songs once their in my list of songs to record in burn audio cd.
  5. rundmcnj

    Classic Creator

    Is there anyway to open classic creator inside 2009 without going to program files
  6. rundmcnj

    Printing in Roxio Label Creator

    Didn't work same problem! Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. WHen I print 8691 labels only one of the two labels get printed. I see the other in preview but it is blank!