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    3D Related Questions And More

    Does the new Creator PRO NXT offer the following features: - a blu-ray plug-in for Cineplayer - create 3D videos/movies in Videowave in 1920x1080 60i blu-ray format - create 3D menus in MyDVD in blu-ray format
  2. Very interesting design Jim , someone must have overlooked to extend this feature to BD & AVCHD project types. The workaround I have employed is to "Change the Project Type To DVD", change the highlight colors, and then "Change the Project Type back to Blu-Ray". It seems to work!
  3. Trying to create a Blu-ray DVD and want to change the botton highlight colors. But both the Botton Highlights and Transitions sections in the Settings menu are always greyed out. Why?
  4. Chukky

    3D Blu-Ray

    I absolutely do. Every one of my vacvation HD 2D video has traditionally occupied 2-3 BD disks (25GB each) with Creator. I just picked up a 3D camcorder and TV and am wondering if it was worth the expense. On another note, I just took my 3D footage and created a 3D (16:9) MPEG2 HD 1080p file in Videowave. Then I inserted this file into a 2D BD project in MyDVD and burned a disk. It worked. I guess my question is that, why do we even need the 3D option in MyDVD to create menus. Why can't we create 2D menus in BD and use 3D rendered files in Videowave? Am I missing something here?
  5. Chukky

    3D Blu-Ray

    Any reason as to why Roxio does not implement 3D on Blu-Ray. 3D videos are so large to start with, why be restricted to a 8.7GB DL DVDs? Is there a technical reason or is it just a matter of priority. Maybe 2013?
  6. Chukky

    Blu-Ray Plug-In

    Yes that is it. Thanks for providing the support number. I called them and they said that the new 2012 plug-in will not allow you to playback Blu-ray and they refunded my money. I installed the 2011 plug-in and it works with 2012 Pro.
  7. Chukky

    Blu-Ray Plug-In

    Just downloaded the Blu-Ray and additional Styles plug-in for $19.99. When I run it to install, it comes back with the following error: "Setup cannot find a valid version of this software to upgrade. Please make sure that you are using the correct upgrade version." I have already installed Creator 2012 Pro and it works fine.
  8. I just downloaded AC3filter ver. 1.62b but nothing happened. The MKV file I am trying to play is in DTS format. What is the next step once I have the AC2filter installed?
  9. When I Add an .MKV Video file into a new VideoWave project, the audio disappears. Has anyone tried this?
  10. Got it! I had to re-convert all of the original Videowave 2010 files using VideoWave 2011 and rebuilding the DVD menus in MyDVD. Once you move to 2011 you have to start all over with 2011 tools.
  11. I have. My project consists of multiple sub-menus, each submenu has a different background photo. Non of them displays except for the one on the main screen (first menu screen). I have also noticed that when you burn an ISO image to disk in 2011 it runs at least twice as fast as the 2010 version. This is why I prefer to move to 2011. I'll keep trying though. Thanks
  12. Has anyone run into the following problem: - create a Blu-ray project in MyDVD 2011 - add the necessary movies to the menus that were previously created in VideoWave - change menu background to a photo that you have saved on disk - burn project to disk (save it to a disk image) - playback the ISO file on CinePlayer (equipped with the Blu-Ray Playback plug-in), and voila, the changed menu backgrounds show up as black screens. I have done the above hundreds of times while on Creator 2010 and with no problems. Even when I play the project while inside MyDVD, I do not see this happening. Only after burning to disk on 2011 and playing it on Cineplayer. Has anyone seen this? and do you have a suggestion?
  13. Can someone help me get around the issue I'm having with the Settings Dialog Box in MyDVD. - when editing a DVD menu in MyDVD, I can go to both Main or Style tabs in the Settings Dialog Box (far right via View -> Settings) and change any value associated with the menu on these tabs (e.g. Transition, Link, Highlight, Thumbnail, Text). However, all of these values get grayed out when editing a Blu-Ray menu in MyDVD (or an AVCHD for that matter). Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  14. Chukky

    Misc Blu-Ray Questions

    You're a genius. The Roxio Disk Image Loader (from the Tools Menu) actually mounts the Blu-ray image and runs it beautifully. Thanks
  15. Chukky

    Misc Blu-Ray Questions

    Has anyone encountered the message "The application could not read this copy protected disc. Please clean the disc or try another disc" in Cineplayer BD Edition?