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  1. Thank for your suggestion. Actually, in my description I was remiss in saying that is exactly what I have done. With my camcorder, everytime I hit the record button, it creates an MPEG fle. So, when I got back from vacation, I had 60 files. I created one project, with a root menu entry called vacation. In video wave I brought in all 60 files. They play perfectly. I played each individaully and via video trimmer and previewed the entire project. All play fine. When I then try to burn the project either to create a disk image or directly to disk I get the error. Very frustrating. All plays fine but will not burn! Other thoughts? Thanks in advance. Rick
  2. I have asked for help with this issue under "Burning Issues" and have enlisted Roxio support. Unfortuneltly, no solution yet for this error: Project_Buildto Device(). Author script call failed. Error while Writing Format I am trying to make an AVCHD project on a Standard DVD using MYDVD of Creator 2009. I have a Sony HD camcorder on which I have about 60 separate files. I have imported them into Roxio using Media Import. I have built a project using MYDVD with the 60 files and simple transitions. All the files appear normal, will play in the video trimmer function. The entire 60 file project is about 32 minutes in length - should fit on the DVD. I can preview the project and all looks good. When I go to burn the project, either directly to a standard DVD or just the image to my Hard drive, the encoding all goes nromal until it gets to the "Writing Format" phase where the above error appears. It never creates the image nor burns to the dvd. Now the strange part...if I use only 5 or 6 files (about 3-4 minutes) for the project, everything works perfectly. So, it appears I am doing the right things but the MYDVD sofware will not handle either the number of files (abt 60) or the length of the project (abt 32 minutes). There also may be something in one file that causes the error but I've looked at each file - all look ok and will play. I've also tried differnt combinations of files. Any combination of 5-6 work, any more causes the issue. I have almost 300GB of free disk space. Thoughts? BTW, does anyone know what causes that error? Its not real descriptive. Thanks
  3. This is EXACTLY the problem I am having. I will try your solution ot export an avi file and then add to a new project. One question: will this preserve the HD quality of the production? Thx.
  4. I have a similar issue. I am trying to make a Blue Ray (HD) DVD on standard DVD (AVCHD). The source material is from my Sony HD camcorder. I have captured the video and it is 60 mpeg files. I have made the production using MYDVD and it is abt 32 minutes long. I have edited the files and all appears normal. When I tried to burn the production ethither directly to DVD or just the image to disk, I get the following error: "Project_Buildto Device(). Author script call failed. Error while Writing Format". Now the real question. If I take just the first 5 or 6 of the files of the production and use only them and go through the process, it works fine. So, I'm trying, via trial and error, to find which file or combination of files, edits, transistions etc that causes the issue, but this is long tedious process. Thoughts? Thanka. Rick Forster PS : I'm using Creator 9
  5. RickF

    Creator 2009 Special Edition

    Thanks. I did buy it at Costco. I'll install SP4.
  6. I have Creator 2009 Special Edition. I see there is now a SP 4 for Creator 2009. For purposes of installing SP4, is Creator 2009 Special Edition the same as Creator 2009? In other words, should I download and install SP4? Thx
  7. RickF

    Capture Problem

    Thanks for the suggetion. While that will work, its sure a lot more work than the promotional stuff on the Roxio box suggests. They say easily capture your VHS tapes etc etc. I guess its how you define "easy" But, I will press on. Thnaks again your prompt advice.
  8. I am using Creator 2009 and trying to capture a Home Movie from VHS Tape using the Roxio Capture USB. All starts out well but after apx 30 minutes, the capture stops and I get a Windows message "Windows Host Process (Rundll32) Has stopped working". No matter what setting is use in the capture, e.g. DVD, DVD SP, DVD LP, etc. The capture works for 30 min and stops. Since the VHS tape is 2 Hours, this is bad. BTW, I have over 300G of free disk space. Any thoughts? Thx.