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    DVD Playback Issues

    Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions. It seems that some thing has changed on my computer that prevents EMC9 from working properly. I have successfully burned my DVD from another computer, and will backup my data and start with a fresh install of XP and Roxio. I know this will solve my problem. Thanks again, Dan
  2. danandkaren

    DVD Playback Issues

    No errors running CRC error test. I think I will uninstall Roxio and then re-install and see what happens Dan
  3. danandkaren

    DVD Playback Issues

    The DVD's Previously used were a no name brand (value disk),with the newer ones being HP,Playo, Memorex, and Khypermedia. I also have Teon+ and TDK+ that I haven't tried but will. Thanks, Dan
  4. danandkaren

    DVD Playback Issues

    Hello, I am having a problem when playing a MY DVD produced disk on my tv DVD player. I have saved an image file as well as burned several DVD's. Each time my DVD and image file will play on my computer as well as other computers, but DVD will noy play on my TV DVD player and gives an incorrect disk error. I have produced many DVD's in the past that have had no problem playing on my TV DVD player. I have tried both DVD-R and DVD+R with no resolve. Also have tried 4X speed to burn and still won't play. I still have previously created DVD's that will play on my player. Can anyone help? Dan
  5. When I try to capture analog AV through my sony digital camcorder, the preview screen will show the video and audio from my analog camcorder. When I go to the actual capture screen, I get a message that the capture device was lost. When I go back to the previous screen, there is no AV to be seen. I have installed VW5 and have had success with capture from my analog source. Thank you everyone for the advice. Dan
  6. Thanks again! I will istall VW5 and see what happens. Dan
  7. Thanks! I do have VW5. Can I install VW5 on my computer and stil have no conflicts with Easy Media Creator 7? The other option of capturing with WMM sound plausible as I can delete files after DVD production. Thanks again, Dan
  8. I am having trouble capturing video from my video 8 camcorder. I am using a Sony digital camcorder as a digital conversion device. Videowave 7 recognizes my Sony camcorder, but will not capture video because Videowave 7 cannot control the actual camcorder connected through the digital camcorder. Is there any way to disable the control function in Videowave 7, and just capture the video? I can capture this video with Windows Movie Maker, but the files are very large - about twice the size of video captured with Roxio. Thanks, Dan