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  1. I had to refile my tech support question under a new ticket # when my old ticket # wouldn't open anymore, but tech support did get back to me quickly on this second ticket # and confirmed what Customer Service had told me - I did receive the full version. However, they can't trouble shoot the problem if I've removed the software from my computer. I guess a few other people are going to have to have this problem before they know what to do about it. Just thought I'd leave this final update in case it happens to others. (I'm going to wait awhile, but maybe next time Ill go for Ultimate, too, grandpabruce! Thanks for all your advice! Your help is much appreciated.)
  2. Thanks, grandpabruce. That tends to support my belief that somehow I got a less-than-full version. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Just as an update for anyone else who encounters this issue, I contacted Customer Support and was told that I did purchase the full version. If anyone would like to compare notes, I bought this Creator 2009 product by clicking on an "upgrade to Creator 2009" link in my old pre-installed Creator DE program. (I know it's a separate product not an "upgrade," but that's what they called it.) After clicking the link, the product page on the Roxio website offered me Creator 2009 for $69.99 "after $30 instant rebate". The page also said "Save $30." Since $99.99 is the full price for the full version, I had no reason to doubt that I was buying the full version. My receipt, however, says Creator 2009 - ESD (OEM). Nevertheless, as I said, Customer Service says this is the full version. I decided on a refund since tech support (whom I also contacted) could not offer any solution except a link to the User Manual. I liked the product in general. Customer Service was friendly and responsive. I would buy Creator 2009 again if Roxio could resolve my issue.
  4. Thanks, grandpabruce I updated the video card driver and did a clean install, but I still do not have a "Generate chapter menu(s)..." check box in the Edit Chapters dialogue box. I also have the newest Service Pack installed (SP3). I emailed tech support, but the only response I got was a link to the User Manual (which I've already read). I bought Creator 2009 as a download directly from the Roxio site. I thought I was buying the full version, but now I wonder. Can anyone tell me if the following version and build are the full version? Version: 1.1.110 SP3; 4.50.05a Build: 111B10E, R03; 411B33A, C11 The download files were FN56IA50R13_Creator2009_11.0 (774 MB) FP20FZS0SQA_EMC11Content_7Lang (854 MB) Thanks!
  5. I need step-by-step directions for creating a chapter menu on a dvd. I am working in MyDVD in Roxio Creator 2009. I added one movie which is an hour long, and a link to it shows up on the main menu. I also went into "Edit Chapters" and created a chapter every ten minutes. However, this did not automatically create a chapter menu on either the main menu or a new submenu. I have read that there is supposed to be a check box in the Edit Chapters dialogue box - "Generate chapter menu(s) and link to selected button." But there is no such check box in the Edit Chapters dialogue box, the Menu view pane, the Movie view pane or anyplace else I've searched through. Also there is an implication that I have to create and select some kind of button even if I could find the check box. I have noticed that I can Add a Submenu - but there are no directions I can find for how to put chapter on the new submenu. I can also Add a New Unlinked Button to my main menu. But there are no directions for how I link it to a chapter. I'm using Windows XP. I bought Roxio Creator 2009 today from Sonic Solutions/Roxio Online Store using online download: Creator 2009 - ESD (OEM). It installed fine, and I updated it with the latest Service Pack. Obviously, I'm a total newbie. So step-by-step is the way to go with me if you have any suggestions for how I can add a chapter menu to my movie. Thanks!