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    "ding" Sound Upon Completion

    Thanks for the tip, but I like the audio alert. I just wish it wasn't so loud, or that the user could substitute a different alert sound. Thanks anyway!
  2. MikeMcD

    "ding" Sound Upon Completion

    This is a request I have wanted to make for YEARS! The "ding" sound that means Toast has completed it's job is deafening loud! Someone must have decided to normalize the volume before it was incorporated into the program, because it makes my ears bleed when I forget to turn down the volume of the computer. If someone from tech support read this, is there a way to turn it DOWN! You may say just turn your computer down, but I use my Mac at a professional sound facility and it is set to playback sound from movies and shows that has not been normalized as loud as the ding sound is. Otherwise, I love TOAST. It's the best. Thanks.