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    Hybrid Disk Creaton Problems

    Try unchecking 'Optimize On-the-Fly:' when selecting your MAC/ISO files.
  2. Dave Rendle

    Error Result Code = -35 Using Toast 10.0.1

    Hello I am trying to burn I hybrid (MAC and PC disk). I have set up a temporary partition for the MAC stuff and arranged my icons, window size and background images for each folder. I then select another file (just to test) for the ISO part. When I click burn the partition icon disappears from my desktop and I get the error: Result Code = -35. Could not record the volume because the volume could not be found The partition icon then reappears on my desktop, but obviously no burn happens. This is very annoying as I have a really urgent job on that needs sorting today! Please can anyone help? Also, any advice on how to set up the icons, window size and background images for the ISO data? I've actually just tried a MAC VOLUME burn and the same thing happens. Thanks Dave