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  1. I have a new HP high-end desktop running Win 10 Home 64-bit...lot's of speed, memory & storage. I have tried multiple times to load my new Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software from CD. It seems to load ok, says I have to reboot, and I then download the software patch from Corel/Roxio which says it is for Win 10 compatibility. It is the only update shown. I do another reboot. When I then try to start the software, two squares appear with one pulsing in the other saying words about "rendering", and ultimately the blue Roxio box comes up. (That box notes it is build 301B91B VH3.) Then nothing else happens....spinning circle forever. A ctrl-alt-delete shows Roxio as unresponsive so I close it out after maybe 10 minutes. As I said, I've loaded this twice now, using Revo to uninstall as suggested in other postings on this subject. Other posts have said to only download two updates from within the application, but since the application never starts for me, that is impossible....and I only see one update at the Roxio site. I have a request for help into Corel/Roxio....wish I felt that would be a timely response. Meanwhile, any thoughts???? Thanks.
  2. Hummm, no replies. Anyway, I did an uninstalled Roxio and reloaded it, but still have the problem. I then did a clean uninstall and reload, and also still have the problem.
  3. TomJ

    CD Burning in Music Disc Creator

    Well, no replies to my problem. Hummm. Anyway, I reloaded Roxio and got no fix. I then did a clean uninstall and reloaded, and that worked. Brutt force. No idea what the problem's root cause was, so I am not confident that this will not happen again....this is the second time so far.... But whoever manages this can close this out.
  4. When using Music Disc Creator, edits made in the Edit Audio function are not consistently remembered. For instance, say I have only 1 music file in a project, and I use the Edit Audio to cut that file down from 5 minutes to 4.5 minutes. The project is then 4.5 minutes long, and I save it as such and close it out. If I then reopen it, it agains shows as 5 minutes. If I open the file in Edit Audio, I find my original change is still there, and if I then save that file again, the project goes back to being 4.5 minutes long. Same issue if I change the volume of a track or whatever. Any ideas, or another annoying bug?? Thanks.
  5. The Music Disc Creator application in Roxio Creator 2010 Pro has stopped burning CD's. When I hit the button to burn the disc, a "burn setup" window comes up that finds the blank disc properly, I hit "ok", and the "progress information" window comes up. Then a notice pops up telling me to insert a blank CD. It already knew one was there and now it doesn't see it! Other Roxio applications burn my CD's just fine. Other non-Roxio applications burn my CD's just fine. My media is good quality, my CD is fully up to date with drivers, PX Engine,..... No new updates to my PC have been added. I am running Windows 7. Any thoughts, or is this a known bug as I suspect? Thanks.
  6. TomJ

    CD Recording Problem

    I have no idea why my replies come back as a quote. I hit the "reply" button, get a box for text to be typed in, and what you see is what I get.
  7. TomJ

    CD Recording Problem

    Ran a system restore to an earlier date and that solved the problem. Still don't know what the source of the problem was.....but it now works again.
  8. TomJ

    CD Recording Problem

    Yes, SP1 is installed in Roxio. And BTW, I am running Windows 7 with all its updates, too.
  9. TomJ

    CD Recording Problem

    After making many music projects in Roxio, the Music Disc Creator function has suddenly stopped recognizing the blank CD's I load to burn a project. It just keeps telling me to load a blank CD. It worked fine on exactly the same projects in the past. I had no software updates since then. And other parts of Roxio...like the Burn Audio CD function.....still work fine on the same CD recorder and media. Also, other non-Roxio programs also work fine with this CD recorder and the same blank CD's. I have also rebooted the computer several times. Any thoughts??? Thanks.
  10. TomJ

    myDVD "runtime error"

    Thanks. I first tried a "repair" install, and it seems to be working on the functions I have tried so far. So that is good and I like what I see so far in this version of Roxio. However, I must say it is still very disappointing to me that each of the 7 or so generations of Roxio that I have loaded over the past 10-12 years has had an installation problem. I know things have gotten more complex as more and more functionality has been packed into Roxio as it became a "suite" of applications. Nevertheless, its installation process seems to be very prone to conflicts and faults. From what I read on other postings, this can start right off from the unpacking of the zipped files that are downloaded! I have not had this problem with any of my other programs. With Roxio 2010 Pro, I had to uninstall the original download, reinstall it, uninstall again and replace with the version from my backup disks, and then repair that load. I hope it all works now, but it shouldn't take that much effort. Perhaps a "clean" reinstall along the way would have short cut some of that, but that too should not have been necessary. (And I should note, somewhere through that process it broke some functions on my Roxio 2009. I had kept it on the pc until I see if 2010 works.) Whatever. I hope 2010 all works now. So far, so good. Thanks for your suggestions.
  11. Just reloaded Roxio 2010 Pro from my backup discs, after the downloaded version had repeated conflicts with Vista Home 32-bit and Adobe Elements 7. Those problems seem to be gone, but now it has a new problem. I am trying to "Create DVD", which opens myDVD, to burn a DVD of a .wmv file I created of a slide show. I used Adobe Elements 7 to create the .wmv file, and had no problem using Roxio 2009's myDVD to convert it and burn it to a DVD. As soon as I hit the "add new movie", I get a runtime error stating it is terminating the application. Sometimes I also then get a second runtime error statement referencing "R6025 - pure virtual function call". It then closes down. Very consistent. As I said, my process was the same in the 2009 version and it worked fine. Anyone have any thoughts? I should clarify....I do not even get to pick a file to burn when I get the runtime error statement, so the type of file and its source is irrelevant.
  12. TomJ

    Vista and Adobe Conflicts

    I have not uninstalled the downloaded version and replaced it with the version from the backup disks I just received. The conflict with Adobe Elements is not yet repeating, and the blinking Windows Vista gadgets are also not repeating. But now there is a new problem with myDVD giving an error statement as soon as I try to add a .wmv file that I created. I think that is a legitmate file to use, and it worked fine on Roxio 2009. I will probably restate this new fault as a new topic and see if others recognize it.
  13. TomJ

    Vista and Adobe Conflicts

    The PC was rebooted several times, so that is not the issue. It is running Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, with Service Pack 1. The Adobe I referenced was Photoshop Elements 7, with all current updates. So far, still a disappointing first impression for Roxio 2010.
  14. Installed Roxio 2010 Pro a few days ago, downloading from the web. This was an upgrade from my 2009 version. Seemed to go just fine. All other programs were shut off, including my McAfee. Then I started making my first Music Project Disc and things went down hill fast. It seemed to work as normal, but when I tried to exit without saving, the Roxio window started blinking on and off and I could not close it out. In fact, the whole pc locked up, except I could get to Task Manager in Windows to get out of Roxio. Then when I tried to reopen Roxio and then the Music Project Disc application, I got a new little window in the upper left of my screen...it would not expand... and the Windows Vista Gadgets started blinking on and off on my desktop. I again had to use Task Manager to exit Roxio. I reported the problem to Roxio Support, but got no reply or acknowledgement over the next few days. I next tried to burn a .wmv file made on Adobe to a DVD using Roxio. It worked, but then my Adobe would not open up. I did not have any of these problems with the 2009 edition of Roxio. Fortunately, the Uninstall for Roxio 2010 seems to work just fine, too. It is gone for now....if software has conflicts with the operating system and the world's biggest photo software, it is not yet fully baked. I may try reinstalling it when my backup disc arrives, otherwise, I will work with Roxio or my credit card company for a refund. If someone sees something I somehow did incorrectly, I'd love to hear it as 2010 seems to have at least a few nice upgrades and overcome some unaddressed bugs in 2009.
  15. In using the "Create Music Project" application, there are several places the program allows you to specify what sound transition you want. However, I can't get the program to do anything other than a ramp up in the sound. I see a choice can be made next to each track, with a box of 4 symbols. I see a choice can be made under "Edit Audio". And I see a choice under "Tools / Options". All do work to add most of the various transitions, but at a minimum, I seem to be stuck with a ramp up. Am I missing something?