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    Toast 8.03 Error -39

    I encountered a similar problem, including error -39. I researched the issue, and found that error -39 occurs when a filename is too long. Try shortening all filenames to less than (say) 35 characters, and see if the problem persists. Good luck with this. . . I know it can be maddening.
  2. Bob Rosenman

    Tivo Transfer

    I encountered a similar problem a few months ago. I have two separate networked TiVos. One behaved as you described, the other was OK. Solution: I "rebooted" the offending TiVo by pulling its power plug for a couple of minutes, and then reconnecting it. Problem solved. Apparently, some part of the resident software in the offending TiVo unit had become corrupted. I applied the adage from the Windows world: "When in doubt, reboot." Hope this solves your problem.