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  1. How can I fix this problem? What is the diagnosis? What is the Rx? I use the Sound Editor to edit audiobooks to chop long mp3 passages into ~3 minute mp3 chunks. I look for gaps in the waveform as a natural place to divide tracks. Sometimes, when I load a track into the editor, the waveform isn't squiggly and choppy like a real waveform should be. Instead, it appears as a solid, even, unbroken, perfectly straight and flat, horizontal ribbon of color. Or maybe it appears as a row of triangles, all the same size and shape. Zooming in may change the picture from the solid ribbon to a row of triangles. These tracks sound fine when played, but they don't show the waveform, and I need the waveform for the kind of editing I want to do. I've checked the input files and recopied them from their source, but that made no difference. I've tried stopping and restarting the Sound Editor program, and I tried rebooting the computer, and that didn't work. Most mp3 files work fine, but a few will not show their waveform.
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    I feel like I've read a hundred posts on this topic and 50 help pages, and it's just not clear to me, and I still have questions... Let's suppose I've been working in the Roxio Sound Editor within Music Lab 10, and I've got my audio in the window, and I've cut it into 3 tracks, and I'm ready to adjust the volume and export the 3 tracks to 3 mp3 files. Q1. Does Normalize consider the volumes of all 3 tracks, and then adjust each of the 3 tracks individually? Q2. Does Maximize consider the highest possible non-clipping volume, and then adjust each of the 3 tracks individually? Q3. My objective is (a) first, to adjust all the tracks to about the same volume, so that if Track 1 is relatively low volume before adjustment, it will be about the same as Track 2 after adjustment, and then ( second, to increase the volumes of all the tracks, so that they all are about the same volume at roughly the maximum volume without clipping. So I perform these steps ("->" means "Choose"): -> Fading & Volume -> Normalize -> 8x -> OK -> Export Tracks/Clips -> Use Tracks (all 3 tracks have a check in the check box) -> MP3 (good) -> Save to <foldername> -> Maximize volume before exporting -> OK. My Question: does this accomplish my intention? Q4. As with Q3, but suppose I choose 10x instead of 8x. Will that make the Maximize step unnecessary? Will it have other effects? Q5. If I want to Normalize, then must I choose the Normalization settings and then play the 3 tracks before exporting them? Thank you for guidance. danb
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    That png file doesnt work for me. I get err msg from server. I cant see the image from the file.
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    Window restore

    I fixed the problem tho I have no diagnosis for how it occurred. Rx: First, I maximized the window. Then I clicked the Restore icon. Then I clicked [Alt-Space] and chose M for Move. Then I hit the arrow keys a few times and the window appeared on the upper left. Then I hit the arrow keys a few more times to maneuver it into a good place. Then I clicked on the Window.
  5. How do I restore "Restore"? I am using RecordNow 10 Music Lab on Windows Vista. Somehow the Restore icon (or right-click-menu item) causes the window to minimize. So I have two choices of window size: maximize and minimize. I would prefer the window take up only part of my screen so I can create deathless text in my emails. It didn't always behave this way. Maybe I fatfingered some obscure option.
  6. Thank you for asking. I went away for several hours and when I came back, the installation had finished. It seems to have installed ok.
  7. I downloaded the update for Roxio RecordNow 10 Music Lab on Apr 28. And then I ran the program. (Op sys: Windows Vista). First, it asked me for serial number and language and agreement to the legal threats. No problem there. Then it began uninstalling the old stuff. Ok -- fair enough. The thermometer showing "progress" was stuck on about 20% complete for a very long time. Then, inexplicably, it budged, and now it's at about 1/3, where it's been for at least five minutes. I can't really tell whether it's running slowly or whether it's stopped. I have the feeling this will continue for ever. I'm not happy.