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  1. After exporting two TV shows from Elgato .eyetv files to H264/mp4 files I then created a single DVD-DL size Toast image file with a BDMV folder. I thought I'd burn it to a standard DVD-DL disk using the Toast BD plugin as I'd done many times before. But now I've decided against burning the disk. I no longer have the exported H264/mp4 files and want to know how I can extract both mp4 files (as separate programs) from the Toast image file (reversing the process that created the image file initially). I would hope to retain the original 1920 x 1080 resolution. Thanks, MartyP
  2. I don't see any mention of Toast 11 taking advantage of 64 bit processors on the Roxio site. Is it possible that after all these years a video encoding app like Toast still doesn't support 64 bit?
  3. MartyP

    Toast 11.0.1 Dvds Won't Run On Mac Dvd Player

    budster1949 - Are your disks produced using Toast's Blu-ray plugin? With the plugin you can create BDMV folders on standard DVD or DVD-DL disks. Roxio advertises (in their plugin promos) that these disks will play in ANY Blu-ray player. Sorry - NOT SO. If this is your problem, they should play on Samsung, LG, Insignia and Sony BD machines on your TV, not in your Mac. And not on other players - not on Panasonic (my issue - but they play fine on my Samsung). Again, these are not players in your Mac - they are set top players connected to your home TV (as you'd play any DVD or BD) The Mac will not mount BD disks. The fact that you say you could mount some and get to a menu seems surprising to me. My Mac Pro's Pioneer 112's won't mount BD media. Nor will Apple's DVD Player read those disks. But there are work arounds. One begins by producing a disk image of your video files in Toast prior to burning you disk. (if you can work backwards in Toast to create disk images from your BD disks that might be part of a solution for disks you have - I've never done it but it seems possible - copy a BDMV folder on non-BD media [DVD, DVD-DL] to an image file of the same disk size [DVD, DVD-DL] - then open the image. This is important as the image file can be opened and mounted and the BDMV folder dragged to VLC or Boxee (after a fashion - VLC is much better). In this way you have the equivalent of Apple's DVD Player, albeit for a BDMV disk image rather than a disk. You can see what your video files look like. The entire disk image will play on VLC, though Toast's themes (menus) are flakey for me - they pop open and closed) . If the menu's don't work in VLC, then open the BDMV folder, then open the Streaming folder, and drag each stream to VLC's icon individually (in the dock or apps folder, wherever you have it). The smallest sized file in the Streaming folder is the menu info. The image has it's advantages. It takes the same time as burning a disk but can then be used to burn as many disk copies as you need in much less time. But most important, the Toast image can be double-clicked and mounted, and it's contents viewed and checked. So far this is the only way to play (or mount) BDMV media on a Mac (since Apple, one of the original Blu-ray supporters, has decided we should buy or rent BD media, not make it (as Apple won't get their 30% that way) - so always create a disk image of your file before burning the disk to use in standard players, especially when using the BD plugin. Hope this added something useful. MartyP
  4. MartyP

    Stuck At 99%

    I have the same issues with disk images freezing at 99%. And the new Roxio Video player is also not much help playing the BDMV folder's streams from the disk image - unlike Apple's DVD Player which at least can play Video_TS folders - but not BDMV folders on disks or disk images. Roxio Video player wasn't much help determining if the 99% disk images were complete or not. Playback of the stream loses audio. Dragging the BDMV folder to VLC 1.1.5's dock icon did play the two titles in the BDMV folder, but there were no menu's as you'd see before playing a DVD or Blu-ray disk (or the image files). But both titles played to completion. The BD disk image appears to be complete, but maybe not completely. I burned a disk of the image and it burned through to the end and was verified successfully and ejected. I played the disk (which is a standard DVD-DL with a BDMV folder - made using Toast's Blu-ray plugin). I've made scores of these and they are all great quality (allowing a bit more than 2 hours of 1920x1080 sharp video at far less cost than BD disks). The disk had menus on screen and each title played well. The programs nearly as sharp as any regular Blu-ray disk. But the last 9-10 seconds of the 2nd title weren't there - the screen just went black. Since the 2nd title played in VLC completely, there may be a problem with burning a disk from the 99% disk image files. I've never had a disk just stop like that - it should have reported a verification error after burning. The disk wasn't full - there's about a 5/16 inch blank band visible on the disk. Since the BDMV folder played in VLC but burned a disk that ended abruptly, there are other issues probably related to the hang at 99% completion. By the way, if anyone is looking to burn BD files on standard DVD's or DVD-DL's using Roxio's Toast BD plugin, be sure your have a player made by Samusung, LG, Sony or Insignia. I have a new Samsung and Panasonic Blu-ray player. The Panasonic does not support this format and won't play the disks. The Samsung plays them perfectly. Roxio support says that that should be fixed, with ALL players supporting their BDMV folders on non BD media with Toast 11. Well, we're at Toast 11. It hasn't been working in the Panasonic since Toast 9. For what it's worth
  5. MartyP

    Toast 9 Hd/bd Plugin And Commercial Blu-ray Discs

    Many thanks - you've confirmed my suspicions. I'll hold off getting a BD player until it's fully supported.
  6. Does Toast 9's HD/BD plugin allow commercial Blu-Ray discs (movies, etc) to be viewed as one would normally do with regular DVD's using the Mac's DVD Player? Nothing I can see in the plugin's description mentions "commercial" movie discs and their elaborate copy protection - quite different than authoring and then viewing your own stuff. Mac OS probably won't support this directly until Snow Leopard 10.6. Thanks