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  1. Hi, have connected my VCR via a SCART socket a Roxio capture device using the 3 RCA phono connectors. I get the picture and sound the monitor screen but a red "no signal" comes up. I have plugged the capture device into the rear of my PC and experimented with different capture settings but to no avail. It detects that the protocol is NTSC as the tape was made in the US. Can you suggest what might be the problem and any things I can try. Many thanks
  2. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    Although I have not found the cause of this problem a "workaround" appears to be to create a new user account and start again. So far it has worked without fault. Does anyone know if there is a conclusion that can be drawn from this?
  3. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    mmmm .. that seemed like a good bet but alas no cigar. Once again tried to save a test movie and got the error box - more detail of the box might help. The title of the box is "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" and the full error message is "The application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information." Does that help throw some light on the cause of the problem?
  4. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    Sadly none of that worked and I went trough all the instruction to the letter. One thing I will add and that is I have never had this program run reliably and I did uninstall it for some time but have recently tried to get it going again. I am a bit suspicious of the DVD. As it was installing the green bar got about 60% of the way and then it suddenly went to the "Finish and Reboot" screen. As it shut down an error screen flashed by - too quick for me to read it. Whether this is significant or not I do not know. Maybe Creator 2011 will work - but that's a risk and could also be a waste of money and time. I don't like to give up on these things but .... all the advise you have all provided so far has been very rational but do you have any more ideas? - Many thanks.
  5. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    I did have Tune up utilities running in the background - so I turned it off and went through the whole repair procedure again - still no luck - crashed when I tried to save a short test movie I had constructed - anything else I can try? - thanks
  6. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    Thanks did all that exactly to the instructions - seemed ok for a short while - then the runtime error/crashes came back :-( ... anything else I can try?
  7. Rickmanek

    Runtime Errors

    When I open VideoWave and try to add media to the library I get - "Runtime Error - ProgramFiles(x86)/Roxio 2010/Videowave12.exe abnormal Program termination" then it shuts down. I do also get this on other Roxio 10 functions. Also - and it may or may not be linked - if I try to import pictures it will not recognise the TWAIN link to my Printer/scanner (Canon Pixma 560) although it works fine with other programs. Any ideas appreciated? Athlon X2 64 @ 2.4 GHz Win 7 64 bit - 6Gig RAM Nvidia 7300 GT Vid card no other progs running