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    Hotlink On Jpeg

    I do have Windows on my Mac (much as I'd always hated the thought), so I could probably do it there but I don't have Photoshop on the PC side, so that might be an issue for me. I could have sworn I replied to this yesterday but I don't see the reply so I'll say it again. Thanks so much - the first option worked perfectly on the Mac side. Unfortunately, when the dvd was burned (using the "both Mac & PC" setting, even though all 3 icons displayed perfectly when it was put in a Mac, on a PC all the icons are generic - even the icon for the PDF. I'm not the one burning the dvd. That's being done in Calgary (I'm in BC) by a Mac person who doesn't have Parallels. Do we need to have TWO copies of the .pdf file - one with the icon applied on a PC and one with the icon applied on a Mac - so that each platform can see it? This is getting SO complicated when I thought it would be simple. Thanks so much for your help oldarchiver!
  2. Savladai

    Hotlink On Jpeg

    Absolutely it would work but so far I haven't figured out how to get the custom icon onto the shortcuts. Copy & paste in the Get Info window, as I do for custom folders, won't work. However, it sounds as if you know how to do it? I hope! Thanks oldarchiver. :>)
  3. Savladai

    Hotlink On Jpeg

    I have Toast 8 Titanium and can't see any option for applying a url to a jpeg on the dvd. Is this even possible? We'd like to have only 2 items on the dvd: a full-sized pdf of a magazine plus a jpeg which when clicked will auto-launch a web page.
  4. Savladai

    Imovie Hd -> Toast 8 Gives Audio Tracks Error

    I did get the problem sorted out but thanks for your response - it gives me an opportunity to add my "love it as well" to the comments about your car. Many years ago I had a Healey Sprite, followed by a Triumph TR3. Oh for the good ol' days. Now I drive a van to hold all my dogs. <G> In fact, I traded the TR3 on an old VW bus because the dog outgrew the sports car. <LOL>
  5. Toast 8's Help file states: "To add an iMovie HD project, first save your project and quit iMovie. Then add the saved iMovie project file into the Content Area. You do not need to do any special export formatting in iMovie prior to adding the project to Toast." I did the above, checked all the settings, made sure I had room on the DVD (less than half the space needed) and hit record. At that point I got the error message: CD-ROM XA or Audio tracks cannot be written to DVD. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I'm replying to my own post because, as I've seen so often on these forums, as soon as I posted the message and returned to Toast, I saw immediately what the problem was. In case others have the same problem I thought I'd just post the solution here. I had inadvertently chosen the Super Video CD format. As soon as I switched to DVD-Video format the error message went away and the disk is happily burning as I type. Sorry to bother you all!