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  1. Hi can anyone help with this? i can play files off the camera in windows media player and quicktime player, but as soon as i import the video into creator 2009 ultimate, the sound goes missing? whats happening? they are .mov files, h.264, 720p, 29fps. Its really annoying, so if anyone can help, please do so ! I only bought this camera really for doing videos as it accepts an external mic. At the moment though Im using the onboard mic.
  2. chrisfranceuk

    What Files Do What and Videowave Errors

    Hi. Thanks. I understand that standard DVDs are the lower resolution. I also understand that I will need a BlueRay player to play the AVCHD disc. What I do not understand though is the process of the export when burning. Do I ExportAs in Videowave and create a video file, like MPEG2 for instance, then burn or, should I just create my slideshow and save, and then go to MyDVD, open the roxio file and then create the DVD burn in there? This is where its very confusing. MyDVD in 2009 Ultimate has the AVCHD, and BlueRay options, however, theyre 1080, I cannot see a 720P version? Also I really dont get what you said about image size? Of course it must matter, how else do you get a 720 or 1080 image like for like? If I had a low res image and burnt that in HD, then it will be pixelated surely? LCD and Plasma screens are in pixels, not lines, so therefore my 720 pixel high image will be the same when playing back. I also resize my images to suit the screen output because having 300 images all at 60MB each just cannot load.
  3. chrisfranceuk

    can I burn avchd video onto regular dvd discs?

    Thats the way I used to do it, however, this means creating a good file, only to then recompress it when burning. Ive been using the MPEG2 720P option in Videowave, however, in MyDVD that option doesnt appear anywhere, and I dont understand why Roxio havent included it, and only 1080 AVCHD. Is my MPEG2 file the right one to use, or should I be using one of the other options to create the video file? Thanks
  4. chrisfranceuk

    can I burn avchd video onto regular dvd discs?

    Thats not an answer. Ive read what you have said in October. Where are the 720P options. If there arent any then say so. Whats the point of having so many ExportAs options in Videowave, if we cannot use the files for then burning to DVD. You suggest creating the slideshows in Videowave, and then creating a new project in MyDVD and doing the burn there. So, I want to create a 720P disc...where is the option to do so? Also, why is it everytime I open MyDVD to create a project to import what Ive done in Videowave, do I get an error saying "Videowave has encountered a problem and has to close"...literally, every time...
  5. chrisfranceuk

    can I burn avchd video onto regular dvd discs?

    Jim, Can you help me also with this. Im having trouble, because it seems to me that MyDVD has an extremeley limited set of output options. For instance, I have sized my images on my slideshow to 1280x720 widescreen, now I want to burn a dvd at 720P. But there are absolutely no options to do this? Why? Why does Videowave have loads of ExportAs options, but MyDVD has hardly any? I dont have a BlueRay burner or player, so it needs to go on standard DVD+R media. The only thing I can see is if I change the quality to SP, it changes to 720P, but the compression is terrible so I certainly wouldnt do that. Seems like the only option for AVCHD is 1080, and that sucks! Can you help at all?
  6. Ive read the how to's and the .pdf manual for Creator 2009/Ultimate however Im having real difficulty knowing what files do what job? Can someone help me with what seems to be the most laborious software ever invented; Ive created a slideshow and now want to burn it to DVD. Ive opened MyDVD. What do I chose now? The options available are never explained! What does what? My slideshow has images sized to 1280x720, so preferably I want a 720P slideshow put on standard DVD+R media to play in a normal DVD player. I was told this is possible which is why I bought the software. However, in MyDVD there are NO 720P options! Why doesnt MyDVD have the same export options as Videowave! If we are being told not to use the ExportAs function in Videowave, how else will I be able to create a 720P HD slideshow, and on DVD+R media! ??? Can someone breakdown what file types need to be used where, as well as why shouldnt we ExportAs in Videowave? I can create great looking MPEG2 files at 720P, but youre advising I cant use them! Thank you
  7. Hi. I have been waiting nearly a month for my CDs, so instead I got Roxio to send me a download link so that i can get on with my work. At first everything was fine, dispite having a few issues with Quicktime not recognising the output h.264 files. Now I have another issue. No the software cannot find the cineplayer decoder pack??? I dont know what the hells going on with this software, but Ive had it one day and already im fed up with it. Can anyone explain why for no reason should the decoder pack disappear? Its converting files, but im not sure its doing it properly. Many thanks.
  8. chrisfranceuk

    Avc H.264 Files Not Supported In Quicktime?

    I too have version 7. However, not only that now, there is also a problem now that while in videowave trying to do conversions, it now cant find cineplayer decoder pack ! Seems to be one thing after another with this product ! Can you advise what this problem is now? Thank you. Sorry if i sound frustrated but ive been waiting for this product for weeks to arrive, it still hasnt, as ive had to get Roxio to give me a link to download it...its taken all day to do this. Where can I find this decoder pack in my files to see if its there. It didnt do this earlier when I first tried.
  9. I downloaded Creator 2009 Ultimate today, and I am trying out a few things. My H.264 files from my Canon 5D MKll camera has been imported into Creator. I want to render an output file that can play back in Quicktime. I have selected AVC (H.264) from the PURPOSE menu, and AVC Better Quality from the VIDEO FILE QUALITY box. The size is 800x450, 25fps, 1.95mbps. After creating the video file, and launching the file from its icon, Quicktime says that this is not a file that is recognised? Please can someone explain why? I thought both Quicktime and Creator supported H.264 files? This is MPEG4 isnt it?
  10. Can anyone help. Im a wedding photojournalist and have the new Canon 5DMll 21MP DSLR. I want to use the HD video this camera has and use it for documentary footage of weddings I photograph. I believe the format is MOV, h.264, 30fps. Can Media Creator support this file type and edit the footage? I then want to export to DVD disc. Now...can I export and render to standard 4.3GB single layer in HD 1920x1080p, or, do I have to render to Blueray discs, using the plugin? I really need to know both answers as not everyone has a Blueray player. It would also be beneficial knowing if Creator supports smaller HD formats or should I be looking at another software package? Im running WinXP as well...Thanks very much!