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    OWC External DVD Writer - no USB functinality?

    Thanks for the replies guys, yes I have reported it to OWC, and after three email responses, they have no suggestions! Only that there may be a "Patch" for Toast 10 available, but I have the latest software so I doubt if it's that. Works fine in the Mac OSX native burner (itunes/disk utility etc) just not in Toast. I don't have another version, but may know someone who has. Will try that option before getting back to you. Thanks again, any other suggestions would be great
  2. H, Just got an OWC External DVD Writer, with FW and USB, but when I connect it as a USB device, it's not appearing in Toast 10. Any help or ideas most welcome. Is there a patch available for this? I'm running the 10.0.4 software. Thanks
  3. willoghby

    "Untitled DVD" remains on Desktop after burn completed?

    . . . . any other help would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  4. willoghby

    "Untitled DVD" remains on Desktop after burn completed?

    . . . .simply inserting a blank DVD. It shows up as "Untitled DVD" on the desktop, and stays there while I'm burning the DVD! Is there a preference setting which would remove this while Toast is writing? Maybe another setting somewhere (???), I've pretty much unticked most of the settings in the Prefs! Thanks
  5. I've noticed that after I burn my DVD's, I'm left with an icon on the desktop which is labelled "Untitled DVD". I tried to refresh Finder, but it stays there and the Apple "Burn" icon is added also. The only way I can get rid of this is to Trash the icon manually. This is getting very frustrating . . . . does anyone have a solution please? Thanks
  6. willoghby

    Toast DVD - Will PAL Play on NTSC player?

    Tsantee, Thanks for the reply . . . . what happens if a PAL DVD is played on an NTSC player??
  7. Hi, Not being very technical on these subjects, I'm currently burning my PAL footage onto a DVD using Toast 10, and would like to know if it would be viewable on an NTSC DVD player if used in the USA? What's the difference between a PAL DVD and an NTSC DVD, surely the only requirement is for the DVD to be region free - which I believe Toast is?? Video standards/formats aren't a consideration with DVD's . . . are they?? Thanks.
  8. willoghby

    Burning Using External Firewire Burners?

    tsantee, thanks for the response, what happens if I connect 4 FW Burners to a FW hub? Then connect the hub to my iMac's FW800 port. I'd expect Toast not to see all the Burners??? What I'm trying to achieve, is to burn 4 DVDs at a time, directly from Toast. I've looked at DVD Duplicators, but none of them do this. The only way around it, is to burn the master, then insert this master into the Duplicator . . . . . . not an ideal solution for me! Any idea's would be most welcome. Thanks
  9. willoghby

    Use Of Multiple Burners

    What about daisy-chaining several burners together via a hub or repeater system? Would this work??
  10. willoghby

    Burning Using External Firewire Burners?

    Hi, I'd like to set up a small duplicating service at home, and would like to use an external firewire drive to preserve the drive inside my iMac. My question is: Will Toast recognize this drive and allow me to use it as the "default" Burning Drive? Second question: Is there any way I can set up a "Daisy-Chain" of these external Firewire burners, instead of purchasing a Duplicating tower, so that Toast will burn to all of them at the same time? Thanks.