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    Blu-ray Dvd Won't Play On Samsung Bd-p1500

    Have you had luck with a Blu-ray DVD on the Samsung 1500 or just acutal Blu-ray discs?
  2. bsatchfield

    Blu-ray Dvd Won't Play On Samsung Bd-p1500

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, ComPH. I'll see how other players handle the collection of coasters I've burned and go from there.
  3. bsatchfield

    Blu-ray Dvd Won't Play On Samsung Bd-p1500

    Interesting that you found that discussion as I was just reading a few things on that same forum. I'll look into downgrading to a previous firmware as a possible solution. I've also sent a request to Samsung. Another user on that forum posted a note about always removing the AUXDATA folder from his disc image before he burns his disc and that allows his Blu-ray DVDs to play on his player. I made a Toast disc image of the HD video files I've been working with, opened the disc image on my desktop, copied the contents of the disc to another folder, removed the AUXDATA folder and then burned the remaining files in the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders to a disc and my Samsung player didn't give me the error message or spit the disc out. It didn't play the video, but it did seem to have an effect on the ability of the player to read the disc. Any ideas how to properly burn a Blu-ray DVD with Toast that omits that AUXDATA folder?
  4. bsatchfield

    Blu-ray Dvd Won't Play On Samsung Bd-p1500

    ComPH, Thanks very much for digging up those forum topics; I hadn't come across those particular ones during my searches. Unfortunately, after two more hours of reading, encoding and burning, I still can't get a disc to play. I followed the exporting and Toast encoding settings given in the threads to a "T" yet still get the error message on my player. I'm beginning to wonder if it's simply the player. Perhaps the most recent firmware update broke the HD DVD playback capabilities. I did read somewhere on these forums that someone with a Samsung 1500 got it to work so I'm a bit baffled. I guess I bring my stack of discs to Best Buy and see if any of them play on a store player. If anyone has any additional ideas, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance!
  5. bsatchfield

    Blu-ray Dvd Won't Play On Samsung Bd-p1500

    I just purchased Toast 10 Titanium with the HD plugin mainly for burning Blu-ray DVDs or High Definition DVDs or whatever the proper terminology is for use on set top Blu-ray players. I've burned 6 different discs now trying different settings and my Samsung BD-P1500 won't play a single one. My player's firmware is up-to-date, I've tried several different brands of blank media, I've tried different codec and image size exports from Final Cut Pro to no avail. I have no problems with the player when using commercial Blu-ray discs. My workflow is to export an HD project from FCP as a self-contained QuickTime movie, drag that movie to Toast 10, choose Blu-ray Video (Auto Play, Play All Items, Automatic Encoding, Best Video Quality), select DVD disc type and click the red burn button. The video encodes and the disc burns. However, no playback on the BD player. Any ideas? Thanks!