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    Iphoto Plug In For Maverick

    I cannot use plug in to transfer iPhoto pixs to Photoshow add pictures. I was label to do it in Mountain Lion. Any suggestions? Charles Ballo
  2. I downloaded my photoshow to Roxio Photo Show 6. I can play the download from internet. But when I go to create a DVD, all I get is the audio portion on the DVD. I have never had this problem before.
  3. cbaltax

    Record Audio From Pandora

    I just received Toast 11 with spin doctor. How so I capture streaming audio from Pandora or Tunein radio? Can anyone help, and can I do it?
  4. I just converted to apple. how do I burn my Photoshows?

  5. cbaltax

    Can I get user reviews of Photoshow Premium?

    This is my 2nd year as a Premium Member. I like it because, I have acess to my own MP3 songs. Plus I have more clip art to draw from. 2nd year renewal was $29.99 a savings of $10
  6. cbaltax

    Delayed Encoding a DVD

    I copies a movie from you-tube, in 9 parts.Now comes the time to encode. How do I set the time at a later period to start this process.
  7. cbaltax

    Fading Background Music

    I would just drag down the line to the bottom, and carry it over to the spot that you want to increase the volulme.