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    I upgraded to Roxio NXT 4 from Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10. When I attempted to download and pay for the program, I was informed that there was a server problem and that I should try to download the software later. I did so and was successful in doing so, including payment for the discounted price offered through the upgrade. However, all of the information I input in my initial attempt to order the upgrade had disappeared. I input all of the registration information and credit card information again. I had no intention of purchasing two licenses and would not have made a second attempt to order and pay for the software had I known that the first order attempt apparently went through despite indications the order attempt failed based on the server problem via an on screen message, When I looked for the product key, I saw that I had two order numbers and two separate product keys. I suspected I would be billed twice but had to wait until I could verify this with the credit card web site. I have attempted to contact Roxio to request a refund for one of the orders using their internal email system. Despite two attempts, I have not even had a confirmation that they have received my request for a refund and of course, my credit card has not been credit back for one of the purchases. Has anybody had this problem or any experiences with a refund request? Does anyone have any contact means for Roxio since I have not been able to find an email address in their customer support site.
  2. I have now clean installed five times - spent most of my Saturday - all to no avail. The program just went into the garbage can. It hangs up whether or not I install SP 3. This was a waste of money and it will be the last time I purchase a Roxio product.

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    Program Hangs Up

    I purchased Creator 2009 and worked with it for a while before installing SP 3. It has been a disaster since! Two clean uninstalls as per your web page but each time SP 3 is installed, it hangs up after trying unsuccessfully to create a MP 3 disc. I load the music I want to the file and when I click burn, it hangs up. When I close the program and try to run it again, it hangs up on the title screen. No error messages, it just sits there and does nothing. I can again run the program when I reboot the computer but it hangs up when I try to burn the CD and when I close it and try to run it again, it hangs up on the title screen. I am running an HP Pavillion Notebook with 4 GB of RAM using an Intel Duo Core P7350 with Vista 64 bit OS. I have done the clean uninstall twice but continue to experience the same problems.