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    Reloaded Nxt 3, How Do I Get Blue Ray Plugin Back?

    As a quick guess, if you didn't find the "Enable Blu-Ray Authoring" option, you'd think it wasn't included, and you'd go and buy it separately, thinking you needed to do so.
  2. d_deweywright

    Reloaded Nxt 3, How Do I Get Blue Ray Plugin Back?

    In this thread and post, it appears you may have to enable blu-ray authoring? An option that may appear under the "Tools" menu.
  3. d_deweywright

    Separating Movie Clips

    If you look near the top left corner of this page, you'll see: Roxio Community -> Macintosh Applications -> Easy VHS to DVD for Mac (replicated here) Those are all links that you can click on. If you click on Easy VHS to DVD for Mac, you'll be in the proper forum. Not being a Mac user, I can't help with your question, but I can offer this. For best quality on your DVDs, you want to limit yourself to 1 hour on a single layer (4.7GB) disc, or 2 hours for a Dual-Layer (DL) disc. If you're putting more on, then the video is being fairly highly compressed which reduces the image quality significantly.
  4. d_deweywright

    Recording Speed

    The first thing to realize is that it wasn't "slowing" anything down, it was reducing the quality, giving you a poorer picture by applying more compression. And yes, the new version of MyDVD that comes with NXT4 is a much dumbed-down version. I haven't looked for that, but I doubt it's something that can be changed to be automatic. But then, why would you want to reduce the quality of your final DVD? Wouldn't you prefer to keep the quality, and stick with 1 hour of high quality video (2 hours on a dual-layer disc), and spread it across more discs? (Personal preference, of course.)
  5. d_deweywright

    Nxt2 Won't Burn Music Cds

    When you say, "log out, log on", does that include an actual power cycle of the PC? If not, definitely try a full power off/on.
  6. When you create your project, you need to set it up to have no menu (the initial colored background with the picture on it). I don't have that version in front of me, but I think if you select New Project there will be an option for "DVD - No Menu" or something to that effect. I don't know if there's a way to "convert" your existing project or not, hopefully someone else will have that information handy. But a no-menu DVD typically starts and loops automatically. I understand what you're doing, I did a couple of those for my mother, and my mother-in-law about a year ago. Best wishes.
  7. d_deweywright

    Does Not Recognize Sd Drive

    As a point of clarification, "we" didn't write the programs. "We" are users like yourself, you're not talking with Roxio personnel here. So, one thing that comes to my mind is how your phone connects, whether it's using MSC, or MTP. What part of the NXT 4 suite are you using to try to send your media files to your phone? From what you've described, it sounds like your phone is connecting with the MSC (Mass Storage Class) protocol, but the part of NXT4 you're using is trying to use the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) method of communicating. I have an MP3 player that allows me to set which protocol it uses, in the system settings. Not sure if your phone has an option for that, but if it does, you could see what it's set for now, and try changing it, to see if that makes a difference.
  8. Ah... there's the rub. Windows 10 is not compatible with Creator 2009. You've upgraded your OS beyond the useful life of the program.
  9. d_deweywright

    No Cd/dvd Disk Drive In Laptop

    I'm also sure that Amazon will sell you a USB connected DVD drive!
  10. So, one thing to take away from this is that any download purchases should be backed up to something like a DVD for those cases where you need to do a reinstall for reasons such as you had, or if your HD dies. You'll need to contact Rox-Ralf, who should be able to get you a link for what you previously purchased. Look in the link in my signature below about getting your CD Key reset, there are instructions there for contacting him. He's pretty busy, and in a different time-zone, so give him a few days to get back to you. Good luck.
  11. d_deweywright

    Video No Audio

    You can use it to capture the video, but it will only capture the audio that is coming in on the HDMI stream. You could capture your mixer sound separately, (either as a USB input, if your mixer has a USB output, or using your sound chip/card) and then add it as a different sound track to your video in VideoWave in a separate step.
  12. d_deweywright

    Using *.ts Files To Edit In Creator Nxt Pro

    VideoWave does not support the 5.1 audio, only stereo (2 channel) audio. So, if you need to keep your 5.1 audio, you will indeed need to look for a different video editor. You CAN edit HD content, just not with the 5.1 audio. You should be able to manually convert the file to an HD format with stereo audio. As for another editor that handles 5.1? I don't know, maybe someone else will have a suggestion.
  13. There's probably no chance you have any other monitor/TV available that takes a Component input? Or a Home Theater unit that will take a Component input and output an HDMI signal for your Monitor? Any possibility of taking your PS3 to a friends house, just to make sure you've got the output settings right, and that your Component cable is good?
  14. Okay... with a "no signal" message from the Game Capture, and nothing when you go straight through, we still haven't ruled out an issue with the component cables coming out of the PS3. My recollection is that the PS3 HDMI signal has HDCP on it, which, if true, would indicate that your Monitor might be okay with the HDCP. Or, an issue with the PS3 output settings when you're using the Component cable adapter. Not having a PS3, I don't know what the available options are, but I seem to recall from other discussions that you have to tell the PS3 that you're want component output. Hopefully someone with a PS3 will jump in with some pointers there.
  15. d_deweywright

    Gapless Audio Cd

    It's possibly the way your tracks are split. Is the "stutter" a small, very short, bit of silence between tracks? If so, the answer gets technical. A CD sector is 2352 bytes long, which is 1/75th of a second of music. Lets say that the first (or previous) song ends 10 bytes into its last sector. On an Audio CD, all songs have to start at the beginning of a sector, not partway into a sector. (Those are the specifications, you can't change them.) So, the last 2342 bytes of the sector are filled with zeroes, or silence, and the next song starts at the beginning of the next sector. It doesn't seem like much, but 1/75th of a second can be pretty audible. So, you need to "prep" your songs to end at the end of a sector. I don't know what tools are available for the Mac to do that. On the PC, I'd use something like GoldWave, or CDWave to trim and split my songs, they have options to ensure the split/cut ends at the end of a sector. Hope that makes sense! If it doesn't, or if your gap seems different than described, ask again.
  16. The specs for the converter indicate that it is "HDCP 1.1 compliant". I read that to indicate that it applies HDCP to the HDMI signal. I could find no mention of HDCP in the manual for your Monitor, which may well mean that it does not support HDCP. So, can you connect HDMI straight through from your PS3 to your Monitor and get it to work okay? And next, does it work going Component cable to the converter directly, and then to your TV? If not, I'm strongly suspicious of an HDCP incompatibility. You may have to do some looking for a component to HDMI adapter that doesn't add HDCP. Also, do you get a good preview signal on your capture PC from the Roxio Game Capture device?
  17. What happens if you take the Roxio Game Capture device out of the signal path? That is, go from your PS3 directly to your Component to HDMI converter? Do you get a signal on your TV then? If not, then there's an issue with the HDMI converter and getting a signal to the Monitor/TV. Then we'd need details on your Component to HDMI converter. It's possible that it adds an HDCP (copy protection) code into the HDMI signal, and it's also possible that your Samsung doesn't support HDCP. (I haven't had a chance to look up your monitor yet.)
  18. So, since you probably read the thread your post has been split from, some of the information needed there, would apply here. Are you working with a home made video, or a pre-recorded tape?
  19. d_deweywright

    Voice Capture

    Correct. You need to get that audio mixed into the signal going into the RGC HD Pro. So, how about using an HDMI to component adapter, then you can switch to the component input, and then mix into the audio signal that way.
  20. d_deweywright

    Video No Audio

    The S-Video connector does not contain audio. You still need to connect audio from your player to the capture device using the Red/White RCA connectors. It sounds, as though that you also have your microphone configured to playback through your speakers, and possibly set as the default audio recording device. Go into your recording settings and make sure you at least turn down the "playback" volume of your microphone, and set your Roxio Capture device as your default audio recording source. (Start -> Control Panel -> Sound, then check out the Recording tab. Double click on the devices to be able to set their playback volume.)
  21. Unfortunately, you're right, the package you have does not accept .MP4 files. But it will accept nearly anything else, as I recall, .MPG2, .MOV, .MTS, M2TS... fine a free converter, something like, "Any Converter", and convert your .MP4, to a file it does like. Actually, to get the complete list, when you go to import a video, it actually lists all of the video types you can use on that screen.
  22. d_deweywright

    Voice Capture

    So, this guy does it with some extra hardware... This guy has it set up... I haven't watched the whole thing: I don't have an XBox of any sort, so I can't give you any first person experience. But it seems like one of those three pages of videos you watched should have come up with something? Nothing?
  23. d_deweywright

    Voice Capture

    Tell me what you've searched on, so I don't duplicate your efforts.
  24. d_deweywright

    Voice Capture

    I believe you'll find some solutions on Youtube if you search there. The issue, though, is that you have to have your voice mixed into the audio going into the Game Capture device in order to have it recorded at the same time. If there's a way to tell your game console to send your voice out to your TV, that would work. If not, and you're using an HDMI cable, things get difficult to be able to mix in the audio from your microphone. (Not impossible, but you'll need more hardware.) If you're using the Component video and the RCA audio inputs, then you could grab the signal from your mic, and with a small mixer, mix the audio out from your game console and your mic together, and feed that into the Game Capture HD Pro. Something like this (link) would work.