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    Mydvd Premier 10 - No Drive Selected

    You may have upgraded your OS beyond your application. Check out this page (link) and see if your suite is listed. I'm not finding it. There is a separate entry for "Roxio MyDVD" but I'd be pretty sure it's not the version you have.
  2. d_deweywright

    Blank Spots In Burned Cd

    Yes, as suggested above, (a couple of times,) try extracting the tracks using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). It's a free program. You don't even have to write them to a disc, just rip them to a .WAV file, and listen the track in question and see if the problem goes away. Do the same thing using the Roxio ripper. See if the problem exists in that version of the track. Then we'll know if the problem is in the way that the Roxio program rips the track from the disc.
  3. Yep... I've commented on that to my wife. I'd just as soon have black bars on the sides. The blurred image is just distracting. But, to someone there, that must seem like, "dead air", so, "we have to 'fix' that."
  4. You can do it in Videowave, by adding your video as an overlay, and stretching it.
  5. d_deweywright

    Videowave15 Crashes

    However, while you're at it, you may want to go ahead and write a disc(s) of your download so that you'll have it when your HD crashes, or you move to a different PC.
  6. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    Refer to the second image I posted above, only click on the "listen" tab. In there, you should find a volume setting that will (hopefully) let you hear the output on your computer speakers (or headphones) when you plug them into your tower. As for the various "line output" types (1/4" jack vs. RCA jack) that's more a function of "age" than anything else, though I guess I'm not surprised that the reel-to-reel has a higher signal level output. Standards change! From what I understand the 1/8" (3.5mm) round headphone plug/jack may be "obsolete" soon.
  7. d_deweywright

    Burning Dvd To Play On Dvd Player

    Well, if you tell us what version of what Roxio program you purchased (it could be any of several suites), and exactly what you've done so far, then we can attempt to help you out. But the general answer will be that you need to use MyDVD to author your DVD. That will create the proper files and folders that are required for a DVD to play on a set top player. So, let us know.
  8. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    Now that you mention it, being able to hear on your headphones from the line out on your Reel-to-Reel indicates that the output level on that was extremely high. A typical "line level" signal won't drive headphones. But, I think you're problem is simply the recording level set on your line-in input. You'll have to go into your sound devices, and check the recording level. I would suggest you go into Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds, look for the "Recording" tab. Double click on your line-in device. And then look for the "Levels" tab. Then see if any of those controls give you a usable signal in Windows Recorder.
  9. Just a quick guess, does the video fit the screen from top to bottom? In which case, they were taken in "portrait" mode. Teach your wife to hold the phone horizontally, so that the video matches 1) the way our eyes see, and 2) the way our TVs (and videos) are oriented. The only thing you can do is to crop it and stretch it.
  10. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    That should all be automatic.
  11. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    You're essentially correct in your assumption. It expands the file to the .WAV format, which is then put onto the CD as a Track, not a file. And that is the main difference between an Audio CD, and a Data CD, the format of the data on the disc. At this point, it starts to get technical. The directory structure is different, and the way the information is written to the disc is different. That's the highlight. If you try to look at an Audio CD using Windows Explorer, you'll see an entry like, "Track01.CDA" and it will show as being 40 bytes long. Well, there is no ".CDA" file type, it probably stands for "CD Audio" track. And the 40 bytes is just the header information that says where the track starts on the disc, and how long it is. But an Audio CD should be playable in any CD player, and probably any DVD or BluRay player as well, which is what you want.
  12. d_deweywright

    Why Dumb Down Mydvd?

    And to mix your still, .JPG images with Video, you can still use VideoWave, which gives you a lot more options.
  13. How about just feeding your audio signal into the line input on your PC and recording using your sound card/chip? (This may depend some on your PC, are you running a desktop system, or a laptop?)
  14. Well, the first thing would be to try using the software that came with the Roxio Game Capture device and let us know if that works. If that works, then we have verified the hardware, and the input signal is good. Let us know if using the Roxio software works.
  15. The typical (and quickest) solution is to take your disc to a friend who does have a DVD drive, have them copy it to a USB Flash drive, and then install from that. At least for the PC, there is no download available without special provisions, and I assume not for the Mac either.
  16. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    To play on a regular CD player, you need to create an Audio CD, which I believe you can do with Windows Media Player. Don't ask me how, because Windows Media Player and I do NOT get along well. But I believe if you put a blank CD into your computer, that is actually one of the options that comes up, to create a disc with Windows Media Player. Someone else here may jump in and give you the steps to do that. By putting .WMA files onto a disc, you're creating a Data disc, which, as you've found, plays okay on your blueray player. That may not be true for every player, and certainly not for a plain-jane CD player. Of course, an Audio CD will only hold about 80 minutes of audio because it is decompressed to full CD-DA quality, where if you just put the .WMA files on as a Data CD, you can probably put many more hours on, but again, that won't be playable in every player. To put your VHS onto DVD, you'll need some actual hardware to capture the video. You might consider Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD 3 package. Unless you've got a video card with a Composite signal input (unusual), your computer won't have the hardware to capture video. We can talk about that after you've got hardware to do it.
  17. d_deweywright

    Dvd To Vhs

    Watchability is in the eye of the beholder. I'm only saying that unlike Easy VHS to DVD, which can detect macrovision and not allow the user to copy the material, a VHS won't physically stop that way.
  18. d_deweywright

    My Computer Sees Roxio Capture Card As A Speakers Device.

    You're right, that won't work. So, now I have to ask, have you done any searching for a solution, or are you expecting someone else to do all of it for you? There are solutions available, and I only had to type in two words to start finding them. Go to Google and type in the words, "hdmi audio" with no quotes, and see what you find.
  19. d_deweywright

    My Computer Sees Roxio Capture Card As A Speakers Device.

    How about a cable like this? (I'm hoping it's pretty obvious how that will work for you?)
  20. d_deweywright

    Dvd To Vhs

    Right... and macrovision on a VHS recorder won't actually stop it from recording, it'll just render the recording not very watchable with brightness changes, or color variances, or image tearing.
  21. d_deweywright

    My Computer Sees Roxio Capture Card As A Speakers Device.

    Benben, now that we know you're recording from one PC, onto another PC, which of those two PCs is seeing the Roxio Game Capture device as speakers? If you say that it is the computer that you are recording from, then that makes perfect sense. That PC is sending audio to that device (technically it's only seeing that you have a cable plugged into the speaker output) which is what you want. You can split that signal to send it to the RGC device, and also to a real pair of speakers, or to headphones.
  22. d_deweywright

    Dvd To Vhs

    Should be able to feed a composite video signal into a VHS without a problem. If the DVD has macrovision protection on it, the copy on the VHS may not look very good.
  23. d_deweywright

    Easy Lp To Mp3

    Ha! Excellent! I'd actually considered asking if you'd verified your speakers were good... Glad that was the solution and that you found it.
  24. Fast Forward ">>" should work fine. The "skip forward" (or, "skip to next chapter") button ">>|" button probably won't do anything.