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    How To Stop Looping At Playback On Dvr Player

    dvr? or DVD? If you made a DVD disc with no menu, then most players default to, "play disc -> repeat". At which point, you need to press the stop, eject or power button to terminate the loop. That's a function of the player, not the disc.
  2. d_deweywright

    Production Problems - Split

    Unfortunately, those two words tell us essentially nothing. We don't know what Roxio product you might have, Creator NXT(#)? Easy VHS to DVD? Roxio Game Capture (standard or HD Pro)? Toast? Give us some clue as to what you've got and what you're trying to do. Maybe start a new thread under a category related to the product you have, or reply here with some details, and we'll get it moved to the right forum.
  3. d_deweywright

    Video Auto Detect

    Interesting... I don't get a "ready" signal when there's no sync coming in. I can "watch" the snow on my preview screen, but I can't capture it.
  4. d_deweywright

    Video Auto Detect

    Sorry, that's an issue that's been around since the first Roxio video capture device was introduced, and is still with us today. The only workaround that has been found is to feed your video signal through another unit like a video camera, or another VHS unit, which simply sends a "blank screen" when it gets a non-signal. Not all units will do that. But if you can find one that does, that's the workaround.
  5. d_deweywright

    I Might Be A Noob But Please Help With 1080P

    So, he is capturing onto the same laptop which he is playing on as well? That's always a bit iffy. Some people have managed to make it work okay, others haven't. A couple of things to check and try: 1) Make sure the HDMI output from the laptop is manually set to be 1080P, if the game supports it. You can't let the output auto-detect the resolution because the RGC HD Pro doesn't report back properly, you have to manually set the output resolution to what you want. 2) The RGC HD Pro will only offer resolutions as high as what as being delivered to it. If 720P is being output from the laptop, it will not let you capture at 1080P. Hope that helps!
  6. d_deweywright

    Video Sound Doesn't Match Lips

    We're users like yourself, not developers. "We" aren't the ones you're buying it from. All we can do is let you know the workarounds we're aware of. You'll want to contact Roxio directly to look for other answers, like when or if there'll be a fix for audio/video sync at High Quality. Another workaround is to record in smaller clips, say, 5-10 minutes at a time, and then put them together when you author the DVD. You'll still get some syncing issues, but by capturing in smaller chunks, it won't be as bad, and will "re-sync" with each clip. Not elegant, but better than nothing.
  7. d_deweywright

    I Cant Record 60 Fps On Ps4

    720p @ 30fps would be the same bit rate as 720i @ 60fps. But 720p @ 60fps is a valid signal for the RGC HD Pro to capture as well, and will provide twice the bit-rate of 720p @30fps. In theory, you're going to have smoother and sharper playback at the higher frame/bit rate. That all assumes that the 720p @ 60fps is output from the PS4.
  8. d_deweywright

    Cannot Open Mydvd Cd

    Where did you purchase this DVD? And why do you think that MyDVD is involved? Apparently you can see something on the DVD? (And I'm assuming DVD, not CD, as in the subject of this thread?) If you put the disc into your computer and look at it using Windows Explorer, what folders and files do you see? What DVD playing software do you have on your PC? Have you tried playing it in a regular DVD/BluRay player connected to your TV? What happens?
  9. d_deweywright

    Dvds Unreadable

    May I suggest something different, just to help check out the hardware. I think you should be able to simply copy files to a DVD using Windows 10. (I haven't used W10 yet.) But if you drag-and-drop a couple of your .MPG files to your DVD drive, and then tell Windows to write those files, it should put them onto a DVD disc. This disc won't be playable in a DVD player, but Windows Media Player should be able to read the disc, and the files, and play them from the disc. (I am assuming they play okay with WMP if you play them from the hard drive as well?) If that works, we at least know that your drive, and the discs you're using are working okay. If it doesn't work, then the first thing I would suggest would be to get some other discs, (cheaper than buying a new drive) and if those don't work, then suspect an issue with the drive.
  10. d_deweywright

    Wanna2's Thread-Jacking Posts

    On the link that was posted to access your registration info, click on the, "My Account" link at the top of the page, then login. Maybe that'll help?
  11. d_deweywright

    Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd Needs Driver

    Wanna2, you've dredged up a 5+ year old thread, regarding a different product (Creator 2009) than you have (Easy VHS to DVD). The answer isn't here, it will be with your current thread. I understand that you've been working on this "forever," and you're very frustrated, but you only signed in here 2 days ago to ask for help. Give us some time to help you out. Don't panic.
  12. d_deweywright

    Roxio Creator 5 Basic

    Let me point you to this thread here (link). As the reply there says, ECDC 5 will run in XP, you just ignore the compatibility warning. But, it also points you to the Roxizap utility to uninstall leftover bits. Hope that helps!
  13. d_deweywright

    Embed Picture In Mp3 Music

    He wants to associate cover artwork with the MP3 file. I don't believe it actually gets embedded in the .MP3 file, but is listed in one of the MP3 tags. I don't have Creator here at the moment, but maybe sknis or cdanteek can see if Creator can edit the cover art tag in an MP3 file. If so, then once you have your cover art, you just need to update that tag to point to the image file, then it's dependent on the player to actually display it. If you're putting your .MP3 file(s) on an MP3 player or phone, you also need to include the cover art files.
  14. d_deweywright

    Wanna2's Thread-Jacking Posts

    Interesting that you've got multiple PCs and multiple devices (Honestech and Roxio) and no combinations are working. Tell us a little about your PCs, are they laptops? or desktops? Both? If you leave your Roxio video capture device plugged into a USB port for awhile, does it get warm? (The software does not need to be running.) (It should get warm.)
  15. d_deweywright

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

    Well, no one else has asked about that hardware configuration, or content programming, so it looks like it's up to you. My "guess" and it is only a guess, is that the HDCP is part of the content that was sent, and thus also recorded. If that is the case, then you'll see the same issue trying to capture from playback as from capturing the "live" broadcast. But again, that's only a guess, and you'll have to hit the stairs with your RGC and PC to find out for sure. Alternatively, you could move your Sky+HD DVR upstairs to your bedroom to try capturing the recorded program. There is nothing wrong in attempting to do what you're trying to do (capture video content), but the RGC HD Pro won't capture HDCP content, as you've seen. And discussions about trying to work around the HDCP are not allowed here. I don't see where anything you've asked here goes in that direction. When you do try it, please post the outcome here, so we know too.
  16. d_deweywright

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

    It would seem that you probably have the means to find out if you still have your RGC HD Pro and your Sky+HD DVR. Why don't you tell us if the system keeps the HDCP coding with the recorded program?
  17. d_deweywright

    Question - Why Roxio

    Sorry, I can't answer that since I don't do any streaming, but obviously, other software packages support picture-in-picture and multiple video streams.
  18. d_deweywright

    Question - Why Roxio

    Just quickly trying to wade through the AverMedia page, the main difference would appear to be the interface. The Avermedia is a PCI card that goes into a desktop PC, and isn't going to be usable with a laptop, where the Roxio Game Capture connects via USB, and can be used with any PC that meets the requirements, desktop or laptop. Beyond that, without having one, they look like they perform similar functions. If the PS4 has built-in streaming capabilities (I don't have a PS4) and it works for you, then you wouldn't need either the Roxio Game Capture or the AverMedia unit to stream.
  19. d_deweywright

    Disk Burning

    34 minute AVCHD rendered in about an hour? That sounds about right, or even pretty good. Rendering is very computing intensive. Now, not knowing what sort of PC (processor/memory, etc.) you have, it may be worth trying the software rendering to see how the times compare between software and hardware. It might not be that big a difference.
  20. d_deweywright

    Disk Burning

    You're talking to fellow users of the software. If the program is using the NVIDIA/CUDA hardware to render, that's what it displays. It's faster. That's how it works with that card with that hardware. You don't have a choice. If you really want to see the preview as it's rendering, you'll have to switch to software rendering, as mentioned above, which will likely take significantly longer.
  21. d_deweywright

    Disk Burned Wont Play On Tv

    Duane, it sounds like you simply created a data DVD with some image files on it. As you've indicated, that works fine when you put it into a PC running Windows. You can click on a picture, and the Windows Picture Viewer program will open up, and you can start a slide show. That's a program (Windows Picture Viewer) running on a PC with a full operating system. Now you're asking your DVD/VCR combo player to do the same thing. Some players have the capability to do that, some don't, it depends on the firmware that's in them and how "smart" they are. You'll have to look at the manual for your player to see if it's supposed to have that capability. If it is supposed to be able to do that, then the next question would be, do you get any error messages on your TV or DVD player front panel when you try to load your DVD in your player? Something like, "Disc Unreadable" or, "No Disc", or anything like that? It could be a case that instead of DVD+R, you need to use DVD-R discs. So let us know what type of message you might be getting from your player. If your player does not have the capability (again, look at the manual) to display pictures from a data DVD, then you'll need to take a different approach, and make a slideshow video. It's more complicated than what you're doing now, but briefly, what you do is create a DVD video of your pictures, which your player can play. You'll start by opening the VideoWave program within Creator 2011, add your pictures, maybe set the transitions between the pictures, possibly add music, and then save the project. Then you open the MyDVD program within Creator 2011, and use that to write your video to the DVD, which creates the proper folders and files for your DVD player to recognize a video DVD. (Use the option for a "No Menu DVD" and the disc should automatically start playing.) I've left out a lot of detail there, but you're welcome to come back and ask more questions as you get that far.
  22. d_deweywright

    Video Crashes Hangs Due To File Format Type?

    So, let's start by defining "fast laptop." Dual core processor, fine, but how fast (clock speed)? And the video processing capabilities of laptops isn't typically outstanding, but what video chip does your laptop have? Have you checked for driver updates for it? Those could help too. Let us know.
  23. The Roxio Game Capture Standard requires Component cables, which is definitely NOT an HDMI cable. So let's start by checking, does the monitor have an HDMI input? How about Component inputs? Or does it only have VGA/DVI inputs? Please google all of these terms, you'll find images for each one. Actually, here's a graphic that shows most of the available connectors for Video. If the monitor only has VGA/DVI inputs, it gets complicated. If the monitor has an HDMI input, but no Component inputs, you'll need another adapter. So, let us know what inputs are available on the monitor (what is its make/model number?) and then we can start to figure out what all you'll need. I take it you already have the RGC device?
  24. The Roxio Game Capture Standard requires Component video cables, Red/Green/Blue video cables. What connectors are you using now between your Xbox and your monitor?
  25. d_deweywright

    Rip Blueray To Dvd

    Bookshelf, if you're talking about taking a commercial Blu-ray disc and ripping to your system and then down-converting it to put onto a DVD, then not with Roxio products. Commercial BR discs have lots of copy protection features and no Roxio products will help you break that copy protection. If you're talking about taking a copy of a BR disc you made, and then down-converting it from HD to standard def to fit onto a DVD, that you should be able to do. So, exactly what are you trying to do?