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  1. So, if it's flickering with the video before putting it to a disc, then the problem is somewhere in the rendering process. Since you say it flickers when you're doing a pan and zoom, then I'm guessing you're creating a slide show type video? Using still photos? What are the average dimensions (in pixels) of the photos you're using?
  2. I just dragged a MyDVD folder onto VLC, and it started playing the video without any problems. Also version 2.21 (Weatherwax). I'm not certain if it's an AVCHD folder, or a BR folder. But again, the discussion has been DVD, not Blu-Ray, unless Smokytoo comes back to tell us otherwise.
  3. He said DVD in his first post, as does the rest of the thread, not Blu-ray. Not sure if VLC supports Blu-Ray ISO. I just tried, and it didn't do well with an AVCHD .iso file. VLC after 2.0 supports Blu-Ray playback, according to what I've found on-line.
  4. Or, if you have the free VLC player installed, you can open the .ISO file directly with VLC. Media -> Open File.
  5. If you mean it looks fine in the preview window as it's rendering, I'll suggest that that means almost nothing. Hopefully, you're rendering to either a folder set, or a .ISO file first, before writing your DVD? If so, you can preview your rendering before writing to a disc, that way you'll know if the problem is with the disc/burner, or with the rendering itself. My guess is that the problem is with the rendering, since the disc actually plays.
  6. What if you play your DVD on a set-top player? 1) does it play? 2) does it flicker?
  7. d_deweywright

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    My apologies for mis-reading AVC and saying VLC.
  8. d_deweywright

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    I'm not sure joining your completed Videowave videos would be any more cumbersome in Videowave than it would be in VLC. I would suggest you output each of your shorter segments first, as you would need to do for VLC, and then bring those completed "manageable chunks" back into Videowave to put them together. Then you've already rendered the video/text/audio, into the shorter segments, and you'd bring the rendered segments together. As for the burning portion, right... that's a different issue that Jim has presented a suggestion for.
  9. d_deweywright

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    You can do all of the video "joining" you need in VideoWave. Just add the videos you want into a new project, add whatever transitions you want, then output that to a new video file, and bring that single file into MyDVD.
  10. Steve88, another question. What if you scan into another application than the "Solution Center"? For instance, most scanner applications can be invoked by any program that would expect a picture, like an image editing program. If you scan into something else, do you still get a crash? Trying to isolate the problem to the "Solution Center" or to the driver.
  11. d_deweywright

    Recording Cuts Off Beginning Of Tape

    Poco, you started another topic. Suggestions were put forth. Questions were asked. Please return to that topic and continue the discussion there. We'd like to help you, but you need to help us help you. It's here (link) if you're having trouble finding it.
  12. What happens if the scanner driver/software is reinstalled after NXT3 is installed? I'm not terribly hopeful that that will help, since uninstalling NXT3 solves the scanner problem, but it would be something worth trying. (I had an issue once with a Canon printer and an old version of Adaptec Easy CD Creator on Windows 98, that was dependent on the order of installation.)
  13. d_deweywright

    Recording Cuts Off Beginning Of Tape

    Also... what happens if you only try to record the first 10 minutes of your video. Do you indeed get the first 10 minutes? Does this happen on multiple videos? If you've done the same capture multiple times, does the video always start at the same place every time? If so, is there any chance you see a drop-out, or noise on the tape when it plays through the few seconds before that spot?
  14. d_deweywright

    Rip Cd Problem

    Actually, check your save path, you have, "F:\WaltMaken\Music\CD4MP3\ \My CD..." See that empty or blank folder name in the middle there, right after "CD4MP3"? (Bolded, in red.) I think Windows is complaining about that part of the path.
  15. d_deweywright

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    Donnaj, not sure what your reason was for moving to NXT 4. If you didn't upgrade to Windows 10, then your previous version should continue to work fine, and if you purchased from Roxio/Corel within the last 30 days, you can return your purchase. If you did move to Windows 10, from what I've heard, Creator 2012 will apparently run fine. Just dig up your old disc(s) and install that.
  16. d_deweywright

    Creating A Professional Audio Cd

    An Audio CD does not contain cover art. If Windows Media Player, or another player application is showing you cover art, it is because it is searching online, and finding a match for the CD that is being played, and it is then downloading that cover art, and possibly the track/title information. When you write an Audio CD, if you have it set to write CD-Text data, then the artist-title-track information is included on the CD, but Windows media player does NOT read CD-Text data. Again, it gets it from the internet after matching information about the CD (number of tracks, their length, etc.) and downloading it. Your CD, unless you've simply copied a commercial CD, won't match any searches. If you check with some of the on-line databases (Gracenote, etc.), you can actually upload the information about your CD. I don't know what it takes to do that, it may involve money, it may not, I've never attempted, or wanted, to do that. MP3 files can point to cover art. If you download an MP3 album, it may include cover artwork, and be pointed to by those MP3 files. But the Red Book Audio CD specification doesn't contain any provisions for cover art. Hope that helps!
  17. d_deweywright

    Windows Update

    Yeah... I noticed that too. Try this: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3055885/microsoft-windows/its-time-for-microsoft-to-fix-the-windows-7-update-slowdowns.html
  18. d_deweywright

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro, Ps4 Audio But No Video

    Are you getting video on the TV connected to the output side of the RGC HD Pro?
  19. d_deweywright

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro, Ps4 Audio But No Video

    Are you saying you had been running on battery power previously? Or that you're now using a different computer to capture with? If you had been running on battery power, then yes, plugging into wall power is considered a requirement for capturing. Laptops will often go into a lower power mode on the USB ports when on battery power, which doesn't provide enough power for the RGC HD Pro device.
  20. d_deweywright

    Windows Update

    Assuming it's the same problem I've seen, you can stop it by going into Services, find the "Windows Update" service, and stop it. At one point, there was actually an update that was supposed to fix that problem, which was causing our PCs at work to go into "slower than molasses" mode. Of course, our IT group didn't authorize that update for months. (Services can be found this way: Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
  21. The plan is to create a video file, put it on a thumb drive, plug it into your TV, and then you want it to play it repeatedly? That will be dependent on your TV and it's playback options, not on the video file you're creating. So, you could create a small test file, put it on your thumb drive, then see what options your TV gives you before doing the entire production.
  22. d_deweywright

    Toast 7 Disk (Spanned): How To Restore In Yosemite

    notations21, are you getting this message on a PC, or on a Mac computer? Looking at the original post, it looks like Toast 7 might be what you need? If so, check ebay. I just did a quick search there and had several hits for sellers with Toast 7 for sale.
  23. d_deweywright

    Videowave Slideshow Export To Avchd Not Smooth

    Let me ask a few more questions. When you're watching the slideshow, and seeing the choppiness, is that in a preview window or VideoWave, or MyDVD, or is this after you've actually burned it to a disc, and you're watching it playback on a Blu-Ray player? Are you first writing your output to either a folder set, or a .ISO file? Or are you outputting directly to a disc? Writing to a folder set or .ISO file is preferred to separate the rendering process from the disc writing process. Let us know!
  24. d_deweywright

    All Software Patches Pre Sp2.0

    Jim, I'm pretty sure the PS3 HDCP couldn't be turned off. It was the PS4 that got a patch to allow HDCP encoding to be disabled.
  25. PKD, you'll find that almost all programs install at least some things on the boot drive, regardless of where you tell them to install. There's just no way to get around it, and you have to make allowances with the size of your drive. I also have a different "Apps" drive (D: ) to install to, but the boot drive (G: in my case) keeps growing with bits and pieces. Videowave and MyDVD are indeed intertwined and need each other. Well, at least MyDVD needs Videowave. Depending on which services you stopped, and where they were installed, you can try restarting some of them to see if maybe you didn't delete the pieces they need, and you can get Videowave and MyDVD going again. Failing that, you're probably going to have to reinstall and leave Roxio Burn and Back On Track installed. (Though you should be able to stop the services for at least BOT, and I think you can stop the service that notifies Roxio Burn when a new disc is installed.)