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    Looking To Upgrade From 11 And Also Upgrade Fotomagico To 5.0 Pro

    Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of Mac/Toast users that frequent these boards. I'm not one myself. But I can say that over the past several years, the versions of Creator NXT x that have been released have generally included less functionality than the one before. The version of MyDVD that comes with NXT4 is a significant downgrade from previous versions. Now, what has been happening on the Toast side, I can't say, other than from what you've already read.
  2. d_deweywright

    Saving Vhs Video

    Copied to USB "what"? USB is an interface, not a device. So, for instance, you couldn't copy your video to a USB connected video camera, but you could copy it to most any USB attached storage device (flash drive, external HD...).
  3. d_deweywright

    Back-Up Photo Files To Blue Ray

    Lara, I'm not a MAC user, but it strikes me that the 7.96G you can record is the same amount of space as DVD-DL (dual layer DVD) discs can hold. Is there any chance you really bought DVD-DL discs instead of BR discs? Worse yet maybe you got a mislabeled package? (I know that DL DVDs are labelled as 8.5GB, but the manufacturers mean 8,500,000,000 bytes, when your computer would mean 9,126,805,504 bytes. So, your computer will see 8,500,000,000 bytes as 7.96 GB.) Let us know what you find.
  4. d_deweywright

    Windows 7 To Windows 10?

    I finally had a chance to try installing the EVD3Plus update on a clean Windows system, with no previous version of EVD on it, and it installed fine. Just remember, you need two keys, one for EVD3, and the one for EVD3Plus. (Actually, I didn't try it to see if the EVD3Plus key would work for both entries.)
  5. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    Okay, and my apologies if I'm beating a dead horse, but Post #26 shows settings for both PAL and NTSC. It also has a read arrow pointing to the "Restore Defaults" button. Can you clarify that you set everything for NTSC? And thanks.
  6. d_deweywright

    Windows 7 To Windows 10?

    The, "Lifetime Free Updates" model isn't all that common. And in some cases, the "buy this program and use it as long as you want" model is even going away and being replace by, "pay for the ability to use this program for a year at a time" subscriptions. But, as for "why", it's the business model that Corel has chosen. (And before Corel, Sonic.)
  7. d_deweywright

    High Res Audio To Cd?

    I don't know the answer to your question, but to clarify the last bit, when you say, "while retaining the original high-res files", do you simply mean, convert them without overwriting the original files? If that's even a remote concern, wouldn't you work with a copy to start with? (And wouldn't that be the solution if the answer were "no"?) Or, do you mean, "while maintaining the fidelity of the original files"? In which, obviously, the answer is, no, since you're reducing the sample rate and bit depth. Any program that would claim to be able to do so would be falsely advertising.
  8. d_deweywright

    Removing Section Of Video

    My solution would be to use the Trim feature as follows. Add your video into your project twice. On the first instance of the video, go into the "Trim" panel, and set the end point to the beginning of the bit of video you want to eliminate. On the second instance of the video, open the Trim option and set the start point at the end of the bit of video you want to eliminate. When you export that, or write it to disc (or disc image, or folder set) the offending bit won't be included. You could also put in a transition there if you wanted to.
  9. d_deweywright

    Windows 7 To Windows 10?

    I'm pretty sure you'll be offered the upgrade price based on having a previous version registered. But the actual application will be the full version, not requiring a previous version installed.
  10. d_deweywright

    Mp3 Not An Option When Exporting From Sound Editor?

    Okay... so I just installed EVD3 (not the "Plus" version) onto a bare bones Windows 7 system, with no previous version of Creator anything on it, and I still had the .MP3 out options available in Sound Editor. It really looks like a hosed installation.
  11. d_deweywright

    Screen Capture Is A Blank Blue Screen

    You posted in the Roxio Game Capture for consoles. If that's what you have, then your device doesn't have an HDMI input, in which case, no, that won't work. If your device has an HDMI input, then you have the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, in which case, that sort of converter could work.
  12. d_deweywright

    Screen Capture Is A Blank Blue Screen

    Yes, that's "all" you need. No, I don't have a recommendation since I've never had to use one.
  13. d_deweywright

    Grey Video Feed Within The Software

    You can NOT use your yellow composite video signal with any of the Roxio Game Capture (for Console, or HD Pro) devices. They require the Component, Red/Green/Blue video signal, (or HDMI for the HD Pro device). As you're seeing, the Composite signal will only give you a grainy black and white image.
  14. d_deweywright

    Screen Capture Is A Blank Blue Screen

    No, they don't plug directly into the Roxio unit. The Roxio unit requires the Red/Green/Blue video connectors for the Component signals. The yellow video signal you're feeding it is called a Composite signal. It will not work. The fact that the composite signal is fed through to your TV proves nothing in this case. Your older games that have the yellow, composite video output cannot be used to feed the video input of the Roxio Game Capture unit (Standard or HD) without using something to convert the signal to the Red/Green/Blue Component signals.
  15. d_deweywright

    Playback On Laptop (Mac/pc)

    What program/application are you using to play the disc on your Mac and PC? I don't know if either platform comes with a default DVD player application installed. On the PC, I use the free VLC player for DVDs.
  16. d_deweywright

    Mp3 Not An Option When Exporting From Sound Editor?

    One possibility I can come up with is that you also have other Roxio software with may have installed an MP3 encoder, that may not actually come with the EVD 3 Plus package, but is recognized by it. Only way to check that out would be with a clean Windows setup. At one point, and I'm thinking back to ECDC 5 or 7, to get MP3 output, you had to have installed something like the LAME encoder separately, which the package would then recognize and add into the output options.
  17. d_deweywright

    Mp3 Not An Option When Exporting From Sound Editor?

    I don't have Creator 2011 installed, I have Creator 2012 Pro, but the Sound Editor between versions didn't change a lot. My output options have several file types, including .MP3, as shown below. Hopefully someone else with Creator 2011 installed will be able to check as well. What file types do you show? That image is after clicking the "Export current clip" option, but I get similar options with the "Export Tracks/Clips" selection.
  18. d_deweywright

    Easy Cd - Bdr Capable?

    For archival purposes, I agree with Jim. It may take more discs, but the single layer media should be significantly more reliable and readable on more devices.
  19. You may not realize that the folks on this board are NOT Roxio/Corel employees, we're fellow users who volunteer to try and help others. So, it's not "our" card. If you post some details about your system (both your gaming system and the PC you're using with the RGC HD Pro), your internet connection, and what problems you're seeing, someone here may be able to help you out. If the device simply "didn't work," I suspect there would be many more complaints like yours than we see now.
  20. Instructions for posting images are in the link below, in my signature.
  21. d_deweywright

    Can't Record On Ps4

    I don't have a PS4, but there may be a way for you to set your audio output so that you can both listen using your headphones, and also send audio out through the HDMI cable. Check on-line and look through the PS4 settings. (You can always turn the TV volume down.)
  22. I agree with Jim, that the likely problem is where your DVD player is changing layers during playback. As he said, try playing the DVD on your PC, if that works, try a different DVD player, go to a friend's house if you don't have another one, and see if it will play properly in a different player. If so, then the issue is a combination of your DVD writer, the discs you're using, and your DVD player. You can try a different brand of DVD DL discs, to see if that helps. If not, you could split your program up into two, single layer discs. Less convenient, but they should play okay.
  23. d_deweywright

    Can't Record On Ps4

    When you say, "rendered", I'm wondering what you're doing at that point? You probably started with .M2TS files, when you play those directly do they have audio with them? Are you then converting them to something else, and what's the format you're converting to? Oh, one other question, do you have sound coming out of your TV as you're capturing? Or are you listening with headphones plugged into the PS4? If you're using headphones, you may not be sending any audio out on the HDMI cable to be captured. Another suggestion for setting higher resolution would be to disconnect the RGC HD Pro, set your output from the PS4 to a higher resolution (try 720p), then, without the capture software started, connect the RGC HD Pro capture device, and then start the capture software, and see what happens.
  24. d_deweywright

    Can't Record On Ps4

    Umm... did you try setting the output to a higher resolution? There's no reason you can't capture at a higher resolution with the RGC HD Pro. Or are you using an old, standard definition TV? Available output settings may also vary by game.
  25. d_deweywright

    Can't Record On Ps4

    Have you made sure that you have manually set the output resolution from the PS4 so that it isn't trying to Auto-Detect the proper resolution settings? What are the settings you've told the PS4 to use? Also, if you disconnect the HDMI cable going to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro device, so the splitter is only connected to the PS4 and the TV, does the TV look okay at that point?