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    Picture Records In Black And White

    Jim, this unit already comes with it's own SCART adapter, so he shouldn't need to buy a separate one. From the web-site: Comprehensive format support Very many analog sources can be connected to the TERRATEC G1. Whether VHS, Video 8, S-VHS, Hi8, Betamax or others - almost every device with analog outputs is compatible. And whether your output source is a SCART-output, S-Video or Composite, the TERRATEC G1 is connected to it in no time. Thanks to the comprehensive cable package that includes a SCART-adapter, even beginners can get started straight away. The video source and format are detected automatically and digitised in the highest quality.
  2. d_deweywright

    Picture Records In Black And White

    According to the data sheet here (link) it supports NTSC and PAL. Features • PC interface: USB • Connection: Composite (Cinch) and S-Video, Stereo Audio (Cinch) • Video standard: PAL, NTSC, SECAM • Capture rate PAL: up to 720x576 pixel / 25 fps • Capture rate NTSC: up to 720x480 pixel / 29,9 fps • Powered via USB bus (no additional power supply needed)
  3. d_deweywright

    Picture Records In Black And White

    Just looking at the product, it looks like it should accept the signal you're sending. How well the software and hardware works, as cdanteek said, we don't know.
  4. d_deweywright

    Picture Records In Black And White

    The simple answer is that the Roxio Game Capture HD will NOT work for capturing the video from your camera. The person above bought the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 program (click here) which is the right product for you to capture the video from your camera.
  5. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    What actually happens when you try to change the resolution to 720x480? Does it let you do that? Or does it automatically change it back to 720x576? If it lets you change the resolution, do you then get the option to set your Frame Rate to NTSC (29.97)? It's unclear from what you said what happens when you try to change those settings.
  6. d_deweywright

    Program Will Not Load Via Cdrom!

    So, you've basically proven that the disc is okay because it installed on your XP machine okay. When you say the XP machine "does have the USB2 abilities" did you really mean it doesn't have those capabilities? Does it have any USB ports at all? If so, you could use that machine to copy the contents of the disc to a USB thumb drive, and then install onto your Windows 10 machine from the thumb drive. Also, if you insert the disc into your Windows 10 machine, and then look at the contents of that drive using Windows Explorer, what does it show you? And it's not "our" program, as we're simply users like yourself, we're not working for Roxio/Corel.
  7. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    My suggestion would be to use the free Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the program. You want to run it in "moderate" mode. I personally have never run it, but if you look around here on these boards a little you'll see references to it. That should clean up any bits and pieces that are indicating the PAL settings, then a reinstall will hopefully get you back to the NTSC settings.
  8. The way I read your image there, the disc in your drive is actually already written, and is titled, "Mrs J". Double check with a fresh disc off your stack of blanks.
  9. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    Granted, there is no MyDVD in EVD3, thank you for correcting me. Please also note my disclaimer, and the welcoming for "further input." There ARE however, settings for NTSC and PAL, which nanamarie said she has tried to change "back" to NTSC, which appears to be causing difficulties, as noted in posts 11 and 13.
  10. d_deweywright

    Burning To Bluray(Bdr)

    One other thing to try, since it works with BD-RE discs, is to get a different brand or two of regular blu-ray discs. It may just be having a problem with the particular discs you've got.
  11. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    CD, I would refer you to post #11 And post #13 nanamarie, I'm thinking one option now may be a full uninstall/reinstall. My guess is if you go back to your other laptop that you said you were using first, it will also show PAL settings, can you verify that for us?
  12. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    I'm guessing it's not your browser (which browser and what version of it are you using?) that's preventing you from attaching pictures. You can't simply paste a picture into your reply, you have to save the picture locally, on your hard drive, then attach it. Instructions for how to do that are in my signature below.
  13. d_deweywright

    Toast 14 Not Working On Mac

    It looks like someone has their time zones backwards. 8pm EST is 5pm PST, not 11pm. (8pm EST = 7pm CST = 6pm MST = 5pm PST.)
  14. "I'm still awaiting..." implies that you have asked for help here previously. But according to your profile, this is your first post here. This is a user board, so if you've requested help directly from Roxio/Corel, using something like their Chat utility, we have no knowledge of that. Tell us what your problem is, including all of the details you can think of, and maybe someone here can help you out. By the way, unless getting lots of extra spam e-mail is something you enjoy, I would suggest you edit your post to remove your e-mail address. Folks here won't be using your e-mail address, but the spambots do troll through here collecting addresses to use for advertising.
  15. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    My interpretation is that the PAL/NTSC setting in MyDVD changed and he'll change that back and rerun things. But, as always, my interpretation is subject to further input.
  16. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    Based on a recent, different topic, I suspect maybe your project got changed to be a PAL (European) format rather than NTSC (North American). Check your source video files and see what the pixel size of them is. 720x480 would be an NTSC size. "something" x 576 is a PAL format. And I seem to recall elsewhere where the default project type changed on a couple people from NTSC to PAL. If you reopen your project, poke around to see what it's set to.
  17. d_deweywright

    Cant Record With Mp4 Format Anymore

    Rendering to MP4 shouldn't result in a loss of quality as long as your output settings match what's coming in.
  18. d_deweywright

    Does Not Burn A Hd Dvd.

    Another option is to burn to a Folder Set. On an HD Project I was doing, I had a problem where it was failing at the end of rendering. I finally changed the output to be Blu-Ray, which worked fine. A Blu-Ray and AVCHD folder set are very similar. The main difference is that the Blu-Ray folder set has a few more things than the AVCHD. So looking through a different AVCHD project that rendered okay, I figured out which folders were "extra" for an AVCHD disc, removed them, burned that folder set to DVD, and it worked fine in a BR Player.
  19. d_deweywright

    Picture Records In Black And White

    Yeah, that's because your TV's input accepts a Composite signal, but the Roxio Game Capture HD requires the Component (Red, Green, Blue) signals supplied to all three inputs. You can't send a composite signal to it, and get a color output. Since that camera is a Standard Definition device, you would do as well to get Easy VHS to DVD 3. The capture device that comes with that only accepts the composite signal that you're getting from the camera, and will capture that properly. If you're intent on using the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, you'll have to get Composite to Component converter.
  20. d_deweywright

    Dvd Player Won't Read Burned Dvds

    When you say, "Invalid district," is it actually, "Invalid Region?" Tell us about the players you're using to test your discs? (Make and model.) Also, what happens if you try to play the discs using your PC (either one)? Do you regularly, or at least occasionally reboot your PCs?
  21. d_deweywright

    Remove Background Noise - Split From Non-Related Thread

    As Sknis said, Goldwave will be your least expensive option to work with to start. If money is no object, then there are other tools out there that may get you what you need, but you may need to spend some serious money. (Search on Audio Forensic Software.) But the tools Roxio provides won't likely do what you want.
  22. d_deweywright

    Cannot Burn Dvd Dl

    It's easy enough to try one or the other. Try one. If that doesn't work, try the other. It's certainly easy enough to buy a few different brands of discs to see if they work okay.
  23. d_deweywright

    Cannot Burn Dvd Dl

    Well, I had to do some looking, but indeed, Taiyo Yuden does make DVD Dual Layer media. (But indeed, I had previously "assumed." )
  24. d_deweywright

    Cannot Burn Dvd Dl

    From what I saw, the drive can burn DL discs. So most likely, it's having an issue with the discs you have. Try some discs from Verbatim (Japan), or JVC/Tayo Yuden. Yep, you may have to spend a little more per disc. Not all discs are made equal.
  25. d_deweywright

    Help Needed?

    The idea is to check for updates for your video chip/card. Newer drivers sometimes make them work better with things like the Roxio Game Capture device. Also, check for updates for your PCs motherboard.